Yellow Orb SpiderI’m a small business owner. As a one-man operation, I don’t find that I have a lot of time on my hands. If there were more than one of me. I would absolutely delegate finding hosting to someone else. I’d like to outsource my whole website building process, but I don’t know if I can afford it. I decided that I would do the work so you didn’t have to, so I sent a task for myself to find affordable web hosting for my small business. I’m hoping you can benefit from the work I did as well. You are probably familiar with what hosting is. If not, web hosting is where the contents of your site reside so that  they can be viewed on the web. Most of the web hosting that you’ll find, for a reasonable price, is shared hosting.. Hosting means that your site and other people’s sites. All exist on the same hardware, a server. Each website has one small slice of hardware that’s divided from the others by a partition. There are other more expensive options. You can buy when you expand your business that. You can buy theVPS system or a virtual private server adds another level of security your website or you can go for the whole package and get a dedicated server. When you have a dedicated server bar piecing an entire set of hardware just for your site.

Where Do You Get Hosting

I looked at a lot of vendors for hosting. As you move up in the pricing, you will get additional features, additional websites on your account and better customer service in general. I searched around and found some names that I knew and in other places.  I found some names that were just totally unfamiliar to me.  I looked at the lowest cost leader which is iPage, but I was completely unimpressed by what they had offer.  After reading some reviews of them it looks like there a fairly reliable company, but they have some business practices that make me wonder if the customer is first.  I’m always a bit leery when I see up sells.  I can understand the up sells are where they make their money, but this just makes me wonder. If you would like to talk about up sells Go Daddy is the upsell king.  You will get no less than six additional opportunities to purchase something when you’re trying to check out.  I have found the so intrusive that I no longer do business with Go Daddy. I can spend days extolling the virtues of various packages. Most of them have very similar features. I experienced two that stand out. The first is BlueHost , Blue host has an exceptional package that is reasonably priced.  Their support is first-rate, if you have a support issue, it will be fixed quickly. Network Solutions handles their offerings a bit differently. A basic package starts and $2.99 but then the add-ons will cost additional.  You can choose your level of need with the various packages.  Most adequate packages are under $5.00/ mo.


  • unlimited domains
  • unlimited storage
  • unlimited websites
  • unlimited email accounts
  • free domain name
  • automated backups
  • 24/7 support
  • $200 in free offers
  • money back guarantee


Network Solutions

  • 50 Gb storage
  • One free domain
  • 10 email boxes
  • 500 Gb transfer
  • access to statistics and reporting


If your business is an online store, you will need to have some sort of a payment gateway.  These handle the secure transactions that are entered into your site.  It might be a good idea to obtain an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for your site should you be processing payments. Most hosting including those indicated above, offer a Secure Socket Layer for an additional charge, typically around $50.00 per year.


I have been using BlueHost for years, they are reliable, offer wonderful support and are on top of the changes online as they occur. You can’t go wrong with BlueHost. As I look through the affordable options for small business web hosting I am surprised that there is not any standardization of the offerings.  I would be nice to be able to compare apples to apples.  Most of the services appear to be designed to confuse. Perhaps it is just me but, I would think that since the packages all seem similar, there should be a standardized format to compare what vendors are offering and make it easy for people to choose the best product.

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