Article MarketingArticle marketing is one way that websites are promoted online. Article marketing provides two possible ways that assist your website.  Articles written with the audience as the target will get read and cause the reader to want to learn more about your subject.  This drives traffic to your site.

Articles can also be an effective backlinking technique.  This may drive traffic as well but the primary purpose of these articles is to provide ranking to your website.  In this instance the articles are targeted at the search engines and not the audience.

To effectively market your website to an audience with articles you must look at keywords and target your articles around these keywords.  Choosing good keywords is a must.  A good keyword phrase has a good search volume (100 or more searches/month) and a low competition (Less that 300 competing sites), if you can find a keyword phrase with a competition under 300 you have a very good keyword phrase.

Long Tailed Keywords

You will increase your available keywords by combining a keyword with a concept.  This creates a long-tailed keyword or keyword phrase.  Single keywords have high competition.  Combining words will give you a better chance at finding a well searched, low competition keyword.  Here is an example:

  • The keyword “article” has a search volume of 9,140,000 last month.  The competition(number of competing sites) is 1,940,000,000. Yup that’s 1.94 Billion.
  • The keyword “physical health articles” has a search volume of 476 but a competition of 289.

Write an article targeting the words “physical health articles” and your article will have a good chance to rank high in the search engines and the a good portion of the 476 searches will see your article.  Write an article around “article” and there will be few people that see your work because there is so much competition that your article will not rank well.

Where Writers are Made

Article marketing is time consuming.  You must find a keyword, then create and submit a 4-600 word article around that term.  This is where most people decide that article marketing is not for them.  They just don’t want to do the work.

It takes time and practice to generate articles but it really isn’t that difficult.  If you break your article down into its component parts and focus on one item at a time, you will find that 400 words comes easily and it is difficult to provide good content in less than this.

I have created a resource that you can get by filling out the form in the upper Right corner of this page.  This walks you through the process of putting together an article and getting it found.  Have a look, I bet you will find that by telling yourself that writing is fun, you will be able to create articles quickly and easily.

Your article should be based on the structure you learned way back in grade school.  There should be an introductory paragraph,  3 or 4 paragraphs discussing various ideas related to your subject and a conclusion.

The article directories will provide you with a resource box at the end of your article.  This is where you add your sales pitch and links to your website.  Most article directories frown on direct linking to affiliate sites so make a landing page to receive your traffic.  Your landing page can pre-sell your product and increase your conversion rate.

Wealthy Affiliate provides additional training and tutorials designed to teach you article marketing.  The tutorials are arranged by type.  There are over 100 designed specifically to teach article marketing.

If I can help with your articles please let me know.  Comment below and I will answer to the best of my ability.

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