Behind the CurtainIs there a Criminal Element hiding in Plain Sight on the Internet?

You may have seen some of the hype surrounding many online money making schemes, I’d like to help you choose which ones are legitimate and which are going to cost you your life savings.  Let me pull back the curtain for you and expose the dark underbelly of the internet scamming community.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make a living online.  There are thousands of people working in the “new economy”.  The online world can be a lucrative business but it won’t happen overnight.  If you want to learn, find a legitimate company that will teach you the ropes.

There is, however; a group of Scammers on the internet that have banded together into a “Syndicate”.  They use high-pressure sales tactics to get the sale at any cost.  If you are vulnerable, their closers have been trained to expose your weaknesses and exploit them.

Who are these guys?  They are actually pretty easy to spot.

Clues That You Have Found a Scam

First clue, they sell a concept of financial freedom in their videos.  You can get rich overnight in their world.  They probably can but they have a huge cash base, they have people working in their “boiler rooms” selling to unsuspecting people and they have lists of people that are ripe for the picking.  You will not be so lucky.

  • If you watch a video and all you see is a dream of riches without substance, Scam.

Second Clue, they use fast talking promotions featuring a clever white board and cartoons that they create while they speak to emphasize their concepts.  These guys are master marketers, they have a well rehearsed script that they are working from.  It is designed to connect with your inner desires.

  • If there is a fast talking promoter, using Cartoons to dumb down the promotion.  Scam.

Third Clue, when you try to leave their site or, after a short interval when you are on their site, you are subjected to a pop-up.  This may offer you a discount if you “Buy Now” or  when you are leaving, you get a plea to give them another chance and at least confirm that you really want to leave.

  • Pop-up when you try to leave or discount pop-up when you have been on the site. Probable Scam.

(I have to qualify this as a Probable Scam as not all Pop-ups indicate a scam, some are just ill informed marketers that don’t know any better.)

Fourth Clue, Up-sells.  Do you know what an up-sell is?  This is when you buy a product and get into the system only to find an opportunity to buy something better, for a higher price.  This is often cloaked in a presentation that will provide you with an easier way to do something or a way to make your tasks more automatic.  Of course, when you try to leave, you are met with the “Exit Pop-up” and a discount offer that sounds almost to good to be true.  Take my advice, it is too good to be true.

  • Upsells. Scam

If you haven’t seen this video, this is very revealing.

The Syndicate

There are a few bad apples out there.  You can be assured that if these guys are involved with a product or promotion this is going to be a scam.  These are the known internet scammers.

Russel Brunson:  Current Product- DotComSecretsX   Russel has a reputation among Internet Marketers as being one of the premier scammers on the Internet.  His products sell outdated information, they have 4 levels of up-sells so you can get taken for much more than you bargained for.  Once you have given him your data, you can be assured that you will get a phone call from someone or another trying to get you to sign up for “Coaching”.

Russel is currently the voice behind the Rippln Scam that is taking the Internet by storm.

Brian Underwood:  Current Product- Rippln   Brian is currently the CEO on record for this new product.  He was involved with iZigg, as a top player in Burnlounge and LocalAdLink.  Burnlounge was shut down by the FTC and LocalAdLink crashed on its own merits once the sheer weight of the complaints mounted.  iZigg has also passed into obscurity it was set up as a mobile marketing platform but just doesn’t pass muster.  The “Agents” that sell this were never paid and the product just doesn’t work.

Anthony Morrison:  Current Product – Advertising Profits from Home (Book)  Anthony  spends his time promoting Internet Marketing to the masses mostly from a 3 AM infomercial.  Either he is targeting the sleepless that have problems or he is looking for cheap ad time.  Whichever it is, his product is chiefly for lead capture.  He then funnels the phone numbers to a sales force in Salt Lake City that closes on his Coaching product.  His prices are exorbitant, his products are junk and his support and Coaching is a joke.

Mike Filsaime:  

Andy Jenkins:  Andy is closely tied to the Internet Syndicate.  Originally a videographer and responsible for some high profile movies including the Blair Witch Project.  He has focused on Internet Marketing using video in the past and is the Owner of the Video Boss series.  His current project partners him with Mike Filsaime in Video Genesis.

Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe:  These two gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, are the owners of the Empower Network.  As mentioned in my review, this program is designed to fleece unsuspecting aspiring internet marketers.  Their product does nothing but promote itself.  Although they do not appear to be part of the “inner sanctum” they are worth mentioning just because they have so many poor unsuspecting pilgrims drawn into their scam.

Those are the worst offenders,  I will fill in some additional ones as the spirit moves me.

Recommended Program

There is a program that I highly recommend.  Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam Free Zone.

Wealthy Affiliate Full Review

Wealthy Affiliate Video Introduction

The community here is dedicated to helping YOU.  Not themselves.  In fact, the site is designed to help members with more experience help those that are just starting or have less experience with Internet Marketing.  If you are looking to start and online business, or even just want to see how much sand you actually get in your keyboard when working from the beach.  Give this place a look.  I costs NOTHING to join.  No Credit Card required.

Stop in, check it out, I’m sure you will be glad you did.Join Button


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