Infographics can be a very powerful tool.  I’ve never been overly fond of them,  I find them hard to read, but when executed correctly they can be very useful.  I noticed a new product that has recently been released.  Instant Infographic Creator touts itself as a new way to create infographics.  I thought I’d take a look at the features available in Instant Infographic Creator and see if it really provided a new way of doing things, or is it just rehashing other products that are available for free.

I have created infographics in the past.  Most of the time I use CanvaTo create my infographics. Before Canva, I used a program called  Both of these have very powerful features that make it quite easy to create an infographic in virtually no time at all.  And to top it off they are free.

So, I’d like to look at the features available in the Instant Infographic Creator and see if there’s anything new that I don’t get from the free infographic creators.

Instant Infographic CreatorInstant Infographics Creator

Author: Craig Hughes
Reviewed: March 24, 2016

Overall Ranking: 2/10

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Price: $15
Owners: Deni Iskandar

What is WP Instant Infographics Creator

Instant infographics creator is a program that allows you to create infographics from templates.  It contains WYSIWYG editor, Has lots of built-in graphics that you can use, and in general, makes it easy to create infographics that you can share on your website.

On top of the program that actually provide three bonuses, if you buy today.There is a step-by-step infographic Creator that teaches you how to go through the steps required to create infographic.  The second bonus is acompilation of stock images that you can use, And the third bonus is a plethora of chintzy character images that you can add to your infographic.

The value of all these bonuses into the product have been assigned a value of $616 but for the low low price of just $15 you can get the whole package if you act today. 

I hated when I see products that offer you the world and then discount themselves down to 10% of what it should cost.  That says to me that they’ve either overestimated their actual value or are undervaluing their product.  It may also indicate that a product is not really what it appears to be.

Who is the Creator Of Instant Infographics Creator

This product is created by someone who calls himself Denni Iskandar.  As I listened to the promotional material I noticed that he has a bit of a Jamaican accent.  This is not necessarily a bad thing but it does create a questionable provenance.  I also notice that the remainder of the promotional material was voiced by a professional voice over.  In that section, there was no hint of accent.

As a general rule of thumb, I see what the various social networks and other products that these product creators have out.  I try to check the products thoroughly to see if they are still operational. This product creator seems to be focused on helping people with their graphics.  His previous products are Ecover Graphics Pro, As well as a second release called Ecover Graphics Pro volume 2.  I guess he didn’t make enough on the first one. He has also created a product called VidNesia, A set of video templates to create sales videos using PowerPoint slides.

So while he does have a few products available, they are nothing that is earth shattering, and seem to be a compilation of templates pulled from other parts of the Internet.

Does IIC differ from the Free Infographics Creators

I have taken a look at what instant infographic creator offers and I would have to say that there really isn’t anything that isn’t covered by other programs.  In fact, many of the programs that are currently available for free have everything that this program contains.

The first free infographic creator that I checked out is called This program has been a long serving free program that is probably the standard that all else should be measured against.  It is true that many of the add-ons that you may want do have a cost attached.  This is typically a nominal fee of 1 to 2 dollars nothing that will break the bank.  This is how makes their money.

Canva Is another program that provides graphics for social media and a way to customize content images on your own site.  One of their features is also infographics.  There are many templates, images and a variety of other things that are available to help you through creating your own infographics.  This one is also free, although some images also have a cost attached.  You are not required to use their images.

So overall I would say that the free infographic creators are every bit as good as this product.  I don’t see anything in the main product that might have more value than the free creators.

Where Can I Learn to Create Infographics?

Infographics are pretty easy to create.  You choose a template, put together your thoughts.  Find a few statistics to amplify your main idea and then get creative with whatever program you are using.  Inside Wealthy Affiliate there are many threads that discuss infographics.  There is an in-depth tutorial discussing how to set up your own infographic as well.

There really isn’t a need to purchase a product such as Instant Infographic Creator.  Resources are available for free that have all of the functions that are contained in this program.  You just need to know where to look.  Wealthy Affiliate provides the resources for you.

WA Infographic

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