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 Jaaxy Rating Jaaxy Rating Jaaxy Rating Jaaxy Rating Jaaxy Rating Jaaxy Rating Jaaxy Rating Jaaxy Rating Jaaxy Rating Jaaxy Rating : 9.5/10

Jaaxy is a Keyword Research Tool that will help you to discover some amazing keyword that will enable your content to rank quickly. This tool will allow you to save keyword lists, find rankings for your site against specific keywords as well as identify available site URLs to help a new site to rank.

This is an exceptional tool and well worth checking out.


3 Levels Available

Jaaxy provides 3 levels of membership. Here is a quick reference to show you what features are supported in each level.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Fast Keyword Search Results
  • Accurate Search Results from all the search engines not just Google but Bing and Yahoo as well.
  • Keyword Quality Index provided to help you determine the value of a keyword.
  • Quoted Search Results give you a measure of the competition for a keyword.
  • Site Ranking results provided against a keyword.
  • Listing of the top 10 Search Engine Result Pages with additional information like the site rank in Alexa, number of page links and number of backlinks.
  • Search of popular competitive sites that may have instances of your keyword to allow you to distribute the keyword across your social network.
  • Recommended Affiliate programs that are available to promote your product.
  • Nice Video training to get you started on Keyword Research and the product features.
  • List feature to save keywords that you are interested in keeping for later use.
  • Export function to save a list or import it into a spreadsheet .
  • Affiliate Program


  • Sort feature only available with Enterprise level.

Intelligent Keyword Results

Jaaxy is a keyword search software that will help you to determine the availability of a keyword term.  You can of course, use any keyword that suits your fancy but wouldn’t it be nice to know what sort of traffic a term is getting?  If you know how many searches are being done on a specific term, you can target your content to use the words that will rank your article more effectively on the search engines.  We are, after all, looking for terms that people are looking for.  Jaaxy provides you with this intelligence.

Let say we wanted to look at how to become a veterinarian assistant.


From these results you can see that 263 people search for this term each month, there are 77 websites that already are promoting this term.  Combining these results gives an SEO power of 91.  A good value.  This would be a good term to include in a post on your website.  You can expect if you surround the use of this term with good quality content to rank on the first page of Google quite quickly and see a good return for your work.

The 7th term, veterinary assistant training doesn’t fare quite as well, while there are 392 searches per month, 202 sites are competing for the term.  As you can see the KQI indicator for this term is yellow indicating that this probably isn’t a great term to use on your site.  The 78 Score for the SEO power is lower than the first term and also indicates that this will be harder to rank in Google.

The 6th term “become veterinary assistant online” is not grammatically correct.  While it has a few searches and only one competing site, it is a difficult term to fit into a sentence.  This is because the term isn’t correct English.  Including it in your content would not provide a good grammatical structure and is probably something that would make your writing feel wrong.  So, use the grammatically correct terms, search until you find one that makes sense in your writing.  You do need to use your brain a bit when looking at the results.  If it feels wrong, do a refined search for a better term.

No Inflated Search Values

Jaaxy provides a way around the Google numbers that are inflated to include all of the similar results.  Similar results in Google are terms that include all of the words in the search term somewhere in their content.  This means that if you are searching for a term such as “Best Keyword Search Results”, Google will return values for Best, Keyword, Search and Results in their results.  Jaaxy will only return the results for the exact term that is searched.

I have looked at this topic in depth in another post.  Have a look and see if you agree that Google Lies.

Related Keywords

When you are setting up a page, it would be nice to know what keywords are similar to the one that you are searching.  A search in Jaaxy will provide a list of related keywords that may be something that you can use in your online content.  Each related keyword can be searched to determine if it will provide you with another set of terms worth including in your content.

Competition and Quality Index

In addition to accurate search volumes for monthly searches Jaaxy will estimate the number of hits that you will receive when your term reaches the first page of the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It also will provide a Quoted Search Result (QSR) that tells you the number of pages that are competing directly for your keyword term.  Using the QSR and the traffic volume, a Keyword Quality index (KQI) term is generated and a Red,Green, Yellow indicator is displayed to give you a quick visual indicator showing you if a keyword is worthwhile to use for ranking purposes.

SERPs and Page Rank Intelligence

Online Education SERPOther features in the Jaaxy tool are links to a display of the top 10 Result Pages in Google.  This will help you to identify if a term has tough competition or if the other pages that are ranked for this term will be easy to beat.  Many of the competing pages do not use the actual keyword.  This will make it easy to outrank the competing sites for your chosen term.  Additionally, there is a ranking tool that looks at your site URL and the keyword that you have included in your content and tells you where your site will rank in the Search Engines for that term.  Would you like to know where you are in the rankings?  Most of us would.  This tools gives you an accurate result of where you are.  This can help you to make an intelligent decision as to how to backlink a particular term to move up in the rankings.

Additional Features

There are several other features that must be seen to appreciate.  

Would you like to know what’s hot in search? There is a tool that will help you to brainstorm for things that are currently getting a good search volume in each of the Search Engines.  This alone may provide you with a high converting topic worth looking into.

There is also a listing of affiliate programs that are related to your search term.  This will provide a way to monetize your efforts.

Enterprise: Keyword Search on Steroids

The recently released Enterprise version of Jaaxy is just what the doctor ordered.The Pro version can be a bit annoying when it comes to the QSR.  You need to click on each result to get the Quality Score.  Enterprise grabs all of the results and displays them for you.  It also searches for available domains and displays these for you.  If you are looking for Exact Match Keywords to start a new campaign, this is a feature that has high value.

The sort feature in Enterprise is also highly useful, getting the highest result for the keyword search values is nice but where this really shines is sorting on the SEO power. Two quick clicks and you have the best keywords from the resulting search to target with your article or post.  This is invaluable for getting a page or post to rank quickly.

If you want results rapidly with high value but don’t want to spend your life researching keywords, Jaaxy Enterprise is the way to go.

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