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Learn to build a Landing Page and increase your conversion rate.

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A landing page is one page on your website that receives dedicated traffic.  Usually the only way that anyone can see a landing page is by clicking a specific link from outside your website.

Links from within your site will not get you to this page.  The page is dedicated to one specific purpose, that is, to assist your customer to make a purchasing decision about your product.

There are limited ways that a landing page can be exited as well.  Every part of this page should be dedicated to the one goal, click on the product link.

A Landing page is usually laid out in one of two ways: A Review Page or an Testimonial Page.

A Review page:

  • typically has between 3 and 7 products that are reviewed. Odd numbers seem to convert better.
  • the products will have a rating system of Stars or Checks to identify the best choice
  • a picture of each product should be present to identify the product or specific model.
  • multiple ways to click out to the product sales page for each product should be provided.

The first attribute that a Review Page has is a headline that captures the reader’s attention.  This is the first contact that you have with your customer.  Studies show that you have 2.6 seconds to make an impression.  Make this impression first with a headline that makes an impact.

A Review Page should also contain attribute rankings.  These can be any items that are important to your product or promotion.  Overall rank, relative rank to the other reviewed products and effectiveness are some attributes that are commonly included in these rankings.

Pictures and videos are important features to include in your review.  Most people these days are attracted to visual images.  Including these will make your review more attractive to your readers and entice them to read your content.

Finally, allow multiple ways to reach your product page.  Include various links including in context links and obvious calls to action.  There should be a small number of these links strategically placed to help your customer reach your offer page.

A Testimonial Page

  • focuses on one specific product.
  • provides the information to make an informed decision to the customer.
  • provides the customer with a way to feel that the product is right for purchase.
  • written from a first person point of view.

Have you used a product?  You are in the best position to tell people what you have learned.  This is a testimonial.  Give your reader your opinion of the product.  Give him as much information as you can.  Let them understand that this is a good choice or a bad one.  Either way the dice roll is fine, just be honest and forthcoming.

Learning how to create an effective landing page that makes the visitor more likely to purchase your product or the product you are promoting can be a daunting task.

There are a huge number of places on the internet that will provide you with conflicting opinions.  The best way I have found to sort through all of the interference and poor information is to look at the training at Wealthy Affiliate .

WA provides a specific training module on Landing Pages that will get you an effective campaign in short order.  An effective Landing page impacts directly on the number of conversions(sales) that you are able to complete.


  1. Shane

    Wow, you are such a pro!!! I’ve signed up at 10 days back and this was extremely inspiring – I BOOKMARKED THIS WEBSITE.

    You write extremely quick, one day I will be doing that too 😀

    Thank you for this …

    • C Hughes

      Thanks Shane, It is nice to know that my work is appreciated.

      We all started once upon a time. I have not learned all this overnight. It has taken several years of dedicated work and study.

      Juggling work and online learning can be a challenge but keep at it an you too will excel.


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