I’d like to present you with a Mobile Money Code Review so that you can safely decide if this program is for you or not.

I’ll try to be objective but this can be a bit difficult given a few things that I know about Internet Marketers in general. Let’s take a look at some of these things. I have outlined what I believe to be scammy practices on my recent post regarding Internet Scammers.

Is Mobile Money Code a Scam?

Let me start this review by going through the promotional presentation that can be found at mobilemarketingcode.com.  You can be your own judge, jury and executioner.

The first thing you are presented with are a few images while the video counts down.

MMC 1st Promo Pic
MMC 2nd Promo Pic
MMC 3rd Promo Pic
MMC 4th Promo Pic

It looks very much like this fella Greg Anderson is promoting a dream doesn’t it?  Well there isn’t a whole lot of doubt that his entire promotion is about making money.  Huge amounts of money.  With just 4 clicks.  Yup, his demonstrations with 2 of his people in this video show them starting with just 4 clicks.  Sounds simple doesn’t it..

Reality Check.

He also says he’s giving it away free.

MMC free

Well, 49 bucks is free isn’t it?  I don’t think so either.

Fortunately, Greg doesn’t seem to be a fast talker and he doesn’t use Cartoons to make his point.  That is certainly a plus.  Although, he does show a bunch of images where the Clicksure account he is using is moving those lines a bit quickly.  I expect these images were doctored a bit to make them look like you just push a button and the money flows into your account.  This could be taken as a cartoon.  It is images compressed into many quickly changing frames just like a Mickey Mouse animation.

What is Mobile Money Code?

The Actual Program is a compilation of stuff that you can find for free online.  Basically, this program teaches you to spam your friends and acquaintances with text messages and QR codes.Well, that is only one way to use this program.  It will quickly help you to create a mobile site and share it on the social networks.  This is anything that a slightly educated user online can do with a few simple free tools.  No automation involved.  It’s true this system pulls it all together into a few pages but it really isn’t anything special.

Supposedly, you can flip these sites for $300 to $1000.  Canned websites, really?  If you really want to know where to make this work then buy his system.  I suspect you won’t see the advertised results.  If you are able to create sites from his canned software, Google will see them as duplicated content and never ever rank them.  They will be stuck in the Google sandbox forever.

Part of what the software does for you is to create QR codes.  A QR code is a 2 dimensional barcode.  There is a software for you to download inside the program.  Of course, Google offers you a free one.

This is  what a QR code looks like.   I created this by entering a URL into my free account at goo.gl .If you have a reader on your phone, scan this QR code and you will be taken to a review of my recommended product.

WA Review Page QR Code

What do Mobile Money Code Members Think?

MMC review 1 MMC review 2There seem to be more than a few disgruntled customers.  Any actual review that you come across has hundreds of scam reports and comments from customers that were enticed into upsells (paying additional money for program enhancements), without additional value added.

Are there Exit Pop-ups?

It has been awhile since I was unable to get out of a program.  Leaving the Mobile Marketing Code site subjects you to an amazing number of Exit Pop-ups.  He really doesn’t want you to get out without at least giving him your e-mail.

MMC$9 buy box
First Pop-up gives you a $30 dollar discount bring the product cost to $19.00.  Starting to be tempting. Next time you try to leave you get a very reduced price.  Just $9.00.  Another $10 off.  I’m tempted to spend the $9.00 just to see how poorly the product is produced.

Their math is off a bit too.  It seems that in the new math, 49-60=9.  When I was in school.  49-40=9.  49-60 was always a negative number.  I’m thinking that this does become a good deal if they pay me to try it.  Otherwise, not so much.

MMC WinnerBack to the  Exit Pop-ups.  If you decide that you are unwilling to even fork out the $9.00  it seems you are actually a winner.

I ask you, does this guy look like a winner?

He actually has the gall to try to sell you on his hosting package.  Of course, this is cloaked as an offer for a free website with a value up to $2500.  I suspect that the value of this free site is only for him with the hosting affiliate payment.

But wait, we’re still not done.  If you decline the offer of a free website, you still get taken to the site as if you accepted.  Finally, exiting from this page lets you free.

 Mobile Money Code Scam or Not?

Sorry folks the promise of riches beyond your wildest dreams won’t materialize.

This Product is a Scam.  It fits the criteria for 4 of 4 classic signs (See Internet Scammers Exposed)  Even if the product has merit, you would be ill advised to let this person get your email address.  Run, don’t walk away from this product.  When you are done, delete your Cookies and clear your Cache.

A shower wouldn’t hurt either to clear off the stink.

Red Thumbs DownMobile Money Code
Owner: Greg Anderson
Rating: 2.25/10
Mobile Money Code RatingMobile Money Code RatingMobile Money Code Rating Mobile Money Code RatingMobile Money Code RatingMobile Money Code RatingMobile Money Code Rating Mobile Money Code RatingMobile Money Code RatingMobile Money Code Rating
Final Review: Scam- NOT RECOMMENDED
I had to give this 2.25 because it rates above Empower Network, but not by much.

I’d love to hear what you have to say.  Have you tried this product?  Has anyone ever actually made money from this?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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