BrainspikesI have seen a lot of buzz recently about Neuromarketing. Will it help your site to rank?  What is it and how might it make a difference with your site.

Neuromarketing is a psychological concept that seeks to learn how people connect with advertising.  Using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) a person’s brain reactions can be mapped given certain ad copy to observe.  Several large companies have embraced this technique to see if there is a way to sway buyers or affect their buying decisions.

The Neuromarketing concept was first introduced at Harvard in 1990.  In its essence, Neuromarketing seeks to find how a person connects with an image or idea on an unconscious level.  The idea is that since 90% of cognition (thought) happens at an unconscious level, connecting with the unconscious with a ad campaign should increase the number of people that purchase a certain item.

Neuromarketing won’t help your site to rank, but it will help you to connect with your audience.  Some detractors even think that it is cheating.  I tend to look at it as a new way to describe what everyone wants, engagement.  Engage your audience, create images in their mind that they can relate to and anything is possible.

When you can connect with your audience, whether that is on a subconscious level or just on a conscious level, you create an environment where your reader is able to trust you. You are able to find common ground where your reader agrees with what you are saying and is more receptive to your presentation.

Many years ago, my father opened a business that helped people.  He used techniques based in Neuro Linguistic Programming.  These techniques used peoples access cues to establish rapport with their subconscious mind.  In essence these techniques seek to determine how a person accesses the world.  Some people are very visually oriented, others feel more than see.  Still others will hear what people are saying and listen as their first access to the world.  The choice of language that the therapist uses will allow a connection with the client.  As in Neuromarketing, Neuro Linguistics seeks to create a connection with the subconscious mind and in a therapeutic setting, this rapport can be used to link to people’s problems and get them resolved.

The bottom line is, Neuromarketing won’t help your site to rank.   Google doesn’t care how you write they are only interested in what you have on your page.  The audience for your writing, your readers, will be engaged at a different level if you use this technique effectively.  It may, if done well, help you to convert your readers into buyers.


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