I recently was doing research for this article and thought perhaps I would look into the term “Niche Keyword Research Tips”.  When I start to look at a term, I open up Jaaxy and see what the results look like for this search term.  Here are the results that I found.

Jaaxy Results- Niche Keyword Research TipsI was pretty pleased with these results and so, you have this post on researching Niche keywords.  Jaaxy is an exceptional keyword research search tool and is very proficient for researching niche topics and the available competition.

I wanted to see what the competition was doing with this term although with a QSR (Quoted Search Result) of 9 it appears that I should be able to reach the first page just by getting ranked for this search term.  So I opened up Jaaxy again and I went to the website SERPs tab in the search.

Jaaxy SERPs- Niche Keyword Research TipsHere I found a YouTube Video.  It is 5 minutes long and he is actually targeting the term Keyword Research Tips For Your Niche Site. So although this site is ranking for my search term, it is not actually targeting the same term. The video contains some research ideas on a site.  I though I would look at the numbers that he got for his site and see if I could determine if it is actually working for him.  The actual information takes up 3 minutes of the video and the final 2 minutes is an ad for an SEO firm.

In this video he looks at the two keywords High School Graduation Party Ideas and Graduation Party Ideas.  I thought I’d look at his numbers and see what sort of results I could find.  This technique can be applied to any niche.

Since it is graduation season right now, the numbers I’m getting in the Google Adwords Keyword tool are a bit higher than he shows.  His site was created in December and the results are from January.  I’m searching in June.

Google Results- Graduation Party IdeasLets see what Jaaxy shows us for the same term.  Jaaxy shows exact match terms and draws from all of the search engines so we probably expect that the results will be higher.This is in fact the case.

Jaaxy Results- Graduation Party IdeasThis result does indicate that while the “High School Graduation Party Ideas” is a good keyword, with some nice results, the shorter keyword term “Graduation Party Ideas” has a higher search volume but a considerably larger competition.

This term may be hard to rank for.  A better idea is  to target the longer keyword term and if the shorter one provides additional traffic due to it being part of the longer term, all the better.

To fill out this niche, I would go back to the Google Adsense Keyword tool and look at the keyword results.  I would download this list after sorting for Monthly search volume and have a look to see if there are any that I think would fit the posts that I have in mind for the site.  Many of the longer tailed keyword terms that have lower search volumes are terms that I can use on my site.  I’ll keep these in mind while I am writing reviews or topical posts  on my site.

Many of the terms can be put into Jaaxy to give you additional information about the niche.Jaaxy also gives you many of the same terms that the Google list provides with additional information on their search volumes and competition.

The Google list is good for overall research but when you want to know what is good to target, Jaaxy far exceeds the information from the Google list.  Each term that is returned on the Jaaxy search results can be clicked on and it will provide an additional search on that term and provide additional related terms.

Jaaxy Results- Graduation Party Ideas1The left column also shows related search terms that can be searched that may provide additional intelligence into your niche and how people are searching for your topic.

One other item that I wanted to check out is how the site is doing now.  The owner of this site says that his terms are ranking between 4 and 12 in Google.

He was nice enough to provide the URL of his site so I popped into Jaaxy again and clicked on the Site Rank tab.  I entered his URL and the two search terms that he stated he was ranking for.

I found that for “graduation party ideas” he was ranking in position 169 on Page 17 of Google.  “High School graduation party ideas” was not found in the first 20 pages of Google.  No where near the results that he indicated.

It is probable that the recent Penguin 2.0 update has devalued this site. The end of his video promotes an SEO firm that is using outdated techniques to rank sites.  These are precisely the techniques that Google targeted in their most recent update.

Your niche keywords can be identified quickly and easily in Jaaxy.  This saves you time, and helps you to know how much competition that you may experience for your terms.  By choosing well, you will find that you can rank quickly for many different terms and get your site viewed by many different searches.

If I can clarify any of these points for you or you enjoyed this post and would like to see more information on this topic, please leave a comment below.

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