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Online Retirement Income

Are Your Retirement Accounts a Train Wreck?

I’ve been working my whole life at a number of technical positions related to automated machinery.  I moved from job to job as is pretty much the norm in today’s economy.  Several times my job was lost due to economic downturns, several times I had personal conflicts.  Occasionally I found myself in positions that were either over my head or so basic I couldn’t stand to drag myself into work. In the process my retirement portfolio is basically a train wreck.

Shrinking 401K

Each time I changed jobs I dragged a pitiful 401 policy with me and added it to the accounts that I set up early in my career.  It was growing slowly even though I had it invested in the high risk categories.  I’m sure that somewhere there was a fund manager getting rich off my sweat and tears.

The economy tanked in ’09 and wiped out most of what I had amassed in my retirement accounts.  I have never had a long term career at any job, I was lucky if I earned extra vacation over the gift of 2 weeks per year.  All of the years and all that planning wiped out in a few months.

Perhaps you have a similar story.

So now I’m between jobs again.  My retirement income is shot and here I am looking at the last few working years of my life.  AARP has my number and I need to find a way to ride out my working life under my own control.  It is obvious to me that working for someone else for these last few years won’t get me to a place where I can survive my retirement.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

I have searched for alternatives to working for someone else and find that an entrepreneurial lifestyle fits my objectives and schedule at this point.  The only way that I can possibly survive my retirement is to develop an Online Retirement Income.

Blogging online is one way to make ends meet. It allows you to capitalize on your experience and expertise that you have developed while working.  If you’re tired of your present life and have an interest outside of your working world, even your hobbies and playful pursuits can be developed into an income stream.  The cost of this is much less than you might imagine. Just a few dollars to buy a website name and a small monthly investment for hosting and you are online.

In the last 3 years I have created several sites that promote a line of products each.  Combined they bring in a healthy income that allows me to make a living.  Did this happen overnight? No, I needed to learn how to create sites that solved a problem for people.  I was a technical guy so the site creation has been easy for me but with today’s tools this is a simple process for even the most inept technical people.

Connect to Your Readers

My challenge has been learning how to connect with an audience and provide the answer that they are looking for.  I have read reams and reams of literature on marketing and how to connect with an audience.  What it boils down to is be yourself, open up to others and share your experiences with them.  There are people in your circumstances that need what you have to say.

Connecting people with your products is just one aspect.  Finding out what products to provide is the big thing.  Once you have located an audience participate in their discussions in chat rooms and forums.  Learn what their hot buttons are and what drives them.  What is it that they want and what is it that they need.

Passive Income

I have found that I need an income that moves beyond my day to day work.  Once a site is set-up and drawing people in, it becomes a money producer with a very small amount of necessary maintenance.  It takes on a life of its own when your site connects with the audience.  It produces money for you long after the work is done.  At this point it becomes a passive income producer and you can focus your time on learning a new audience and providing a site that fits their need.

I have learned all of this through a site called Wealthy Affiliates.  Two entrepreneurs have created this learning environment that brings together the skills that you need to earn an online retirement income such as I have produced.  You can even start the training for no charge.  You can interact with other like minded people and get your online earnings started.




  1. Tony B

    Great points there Craig and it goes to show that all can offer something valuable online… With an entrepreneurial mindset anything is possible …

    • C Hughes

      I absolutely agree Tony. I try to offer value with everything I do online.


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