Mocking Jay in Sand RippleLast year there was a movie out called the Hunger Games, the Rippln Games remind me of the plot from this movie.  In the movie there is a privileged group of people and a poverty stricken group.  The Hunger Games were an annual occasion that was highly hyped, Rippln is similar in that.  The hype is growing daily.

The Game-What is Rippln?

The Hunger Games are set up so that one champion is selected from each of the territories in their dysfunctional society.  Rippln lets you choose your own champions.  5 of your friends that you think will promote this with you.  The object of both is for your champions to elevate you to the top of the pyramid.

The Players

The Hunger Games has a group of “overlords” that present the games to the masses. Rippln too has a small group of people controlling the game.  Lets have a look at these folks.

Brian Underwood is the CEO on record for Rippln.  You may have heard this name.  He started out with BurnLounge as a Master Distributor, then moved to a new MLM scam called LocalAdLink,was the former CEO of iZigg a company that crashed and burned in 2012.  It was supposed to be the next best thing for mobile.  It didn’t turn out to be. iZigg had another player by the name of Alex Arnold who came over from Burnlounge a company that was sued by the FTC.  Guilt by association?  You can decide.

Johnathan Budd, who is listed as a Co-Founder. This gentleman (and I use the term loosely) is connected to two MLMs.  Online MLM Secrets and The 7 figure Networker System.  Neither of these produced the promises that were made.

Russel Brunson is yet another big star in the Rippln constellation.  Russel is the main force behind DotComSecrets and DotComSecretsX.  An MLM that is a black mark on all web marketing.

With leaders like this, Rippln must be legitimate, right?

The Reveal

Checking more deeply into the company reveals that the addresses are an intersection in the middle of nowhere in Texas.  There doesn’t appear to be a real location for the corporate headquarters.  Why the NDA lists one address and the main site lists another is another mystery.

My biggest concern with this “game” is that you don’t even find out that it is an MLM until you have signed up 5 of your friends and signed the Non-dsclosure Agreement. So, you are legally bound not to share the real story of this company.

There are also a couple of safeties that are missing from the site.  These are mandatory for anyone doing business on the web.  I’m talking about a Privacy Policy and a disclosure policy.  These are nowhere to be found.  What this means is that you and those you sign-up have just added your e-mail to an account that is free to share your name and e-mail across the web to whoever they choose.  In fact, if this is all they succeed in doing, the owners of this site have just identified thousands of people ripe for their spammy promotions.

It turns out that this is yet another Pyramid scheme.Even the promotion starts to look very much like a pyramid until it miraculously transforms into a pond with ripples spreading out from the center.

I think Rippln will make a splash.  I don’t think it will  be a ripple though.  It is more likely that it will become a tsunami that washes away the fortunes of more unsuspecting folks that are just trying to get ahead.

Does Rippln Work?

The answer to is Rippln a scam lies in the background of its players.  It is entirely possible that the Rippln Games will play out to be another MLM scam. Does Rippln work, the jury is still out.  They need to reveal where exactly the money is made.  So far, the compensation plan is a big secret.  The hype is there, but only a select few are privy to the real inner workings.

At  A Glance

Product: Rippln
Owner: Brian Underwood, Johnathan Budd, Jim Bunch, Russel Branson
Rating: 2/10Red Thumbs Down
 Rippln Rating Rippln Rating Rippln Rating Rippln Rating Rippln Rating Rippln Rating Rippln Rating Rippln Rating Rippln Rating Rippln Rating
Final Review: Scam- NOT RECOMMENDED

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