Internet Marketing is driven to a large extent, by SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is an industry buzzword but is also a way to get your websites seen.  SEO is catering to the search engines so that you are ranked at the top of the list.  There are several Search Engines to be concerned about.

Google LogoGoogle is the top search engine at this time.  In 2013 Google has 68% of the Search Market.  This should be your first stop when targeting your online activities.  Make your site attractive to the largest player and it will be attractive to the smaller search engines as well.

bingBing has taken over the 2nd Position with approximately 17% of the market.  This search engine has made significant strides in the past few years. The market share of Bing has taken a huge jump recently as it is the default search engine in Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform.  It is a good idea to spend some marketing efforts catering to this search engine.

yahooYahoo is pulling up the rear with 12% of the market-share.  This search engine doesn’t seem to have the market that Google controls however, the 12% still equates to over 28 million searches per month.  Even Yahoo might be worthwhile to target with your marketing efforts.

As Google is the predominant player and the others are struggling to keep up,  concentrate your efforts with Google and you should have no problems with your traffic.

The Bing  Google Challenge

Recently, Bing has created a commercial that challenges the concept that Google provides poor results.  Conversely, Bing insists that their searches are more relevant to what is being searched.  Independent verification shows virtually no difference in the results that are returned by the two competing search engines.

Jaaxy provides a Competition metric that helps marketers determine  the search volume for specific keywords and provides an accurate assessment of the number of sites already targeting this keyword.  Searching on Google currently gives results that are highly inflated (See Google Lies).  The Jaaxy Keyword Tool has cracked the algorithm that Google uses and provides a highly accurate number for this competition.

If you want your website to be found, using the Search Engines to help people to find you is a good strategy.  Using an accurate keyword tool that pulls data from all of the major players is one way to help this along.

When you start with good keywords, the hard work is done for you.  All you need from there is to write interesting posts that will keep your reader’s interest and give them a reason to stay and read what you have to say.

Feel free to leave comments below, I always like to hear what people have to say.  If I can fill in the blanks for you and answer any questions that you have, please ask them below.


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