The Best Kept Secret on the Internet

The economy is supposed to be recovering but many people are still in dire straights. My job was outsourced as are many others.  My solution was to look for work on the internet.  I came across the best kept secret on the internet to make me an income online.

While I was out of work I began to look closely at my options and take stock of myself and my career path.  The result of this introspection and self-evaluation showed me that I am a talented writer and a valuable asset to myself and to others.  I have taken it on myself to develop an online presence  and share my Insights into Internet Marketing so that I can help others in a similar situation.

Online Income

Internet Marketing r more specifically, Affiliate Marketing allows me to help others while developing a new skills for myself and making a living in the process.  Along the way, I have learned a few things. I have developed some insights into the world of Internet Marketing and would like to share them with you.   I hope they help you in your journey.


Luck has been with me, or maybe it should be termed due diligence. I spent about 3 months searching the internet for a program that would teach me about Online Digital Marketing. After reading scores of web pages and wading through an amazing amount of scam sites and hucksters, I found Wealthy Affiliate.

I checked everything I could find on this place and finally determined that, yes indeed, this place was legitimate and above board. I went for a test drive grabbing a few of months of the membership month to month. Then having determined that this was in fact the best group of people and the best environment for learning that I have ever seen, I signed up for a full year membership. I have never looked back. I still think, after three years now, that this is a wonderful place for learning and that the caliber of tutorials and support is first rate. This is the best decision I have made in quite a long time.

Effective Leadership

The owners at Wealthy Affiliates are extremely hands-on.   Kyle and Carson are present for the members of WA on a daily basis.  They stop in to the chat room to help in any way they can with whatever is bothering people.  I am constantly amazed at their level of skill with just about everything having to do with Online Marketing.

Free Option: Starter Membership

When I started I needed to buy month to month to try out the member site.  Now, there is a free trial  called the Starter Membership where you can sign-up and see almost every part of the Wealthy Affiliate system for as long as you need at NO CHARGE.  The free membership is available that provides hours and hours of training, two free websites and everything you need to get your online business started.  All of the training, the chat feature, the Getting Started Classroom and 1st Certification Course are all open for viewing.  It would take a month just to see it all.

The first week you are a member you even get full access to all of the communication channels inside WA.  You can ask questions in the Live Chat, Introduce yourself in your own personal profile page and add comments and questions to the Starter Classroom.  After your first 7 days you will still have access to all of the training but your communication options are limited until you upgrade to the Premium membership.

Constantly  Updated and Current Training

It seems that every time things settle down in this world of Internet Marketing, something changes.  Either Google comes up with a new update that sends ripples through the online community or something changes to shake things up.  WA keeps on top of all the changes and provides frequent adjustments to their training to keep up with the changes. It doesn’t get any better than this.  Come and join me in this adventure.

I have been a member at WA for some time now, I know my way around.  If I can help you get started on your online adventure please ask.  Leave a comment below with your question or just let me know if there is anything I can add to this site to help you along.

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  1. Audrey

    Craig, it’s so wonderful to hear that you have been with this community for 3 years. So many times people will get what they need and go but Wealthy Affiliate seems to retain those that are passionate about Internet Marketing and helping others.
    I can definitely attest to the fact that you know your way around WA. lol You along with many others have helped me a long the way when I didn’t know which way to go and I thank you for that.

    Love your site and the content you provide.

    See you on the inside. 🙂
    ~ Audrey

    • C Hughes

      Thanks Audrey, I have found that when you give help you get back tenfold.
      I make it a point to keep up with as many people as possible.

      This is my job. I love the freedom that it gives me. I never have to worry about attending a family need or worry about taking time off for important things.

      That said, I do find that I work 16 hours a day. This isn’t a problem as I am fully passionate about what I’m doing here and enjoy the work more than anything I have ever done in my work life.

  2. Rick Jantz

    Great job! I like how you linked keywords to actual articles or the sign up page. I noticed you linked a few to your other pages. Is that a good practice as I haven’t been doing this but another member was telling me about it? I like your tag line of “Insider’s View”, builds confidence right away and made me want to keep reading.

    • C Hughes

      Linking from page to page is an SEO enhancement called internal linking. This helps Google to index all of my pages and it helps people to navigate around the site as well and find related content.

      There are two types of SEO that your site should use. On page SEO and off Page SEO. Linking pages to each other inside your site helps with the off Page SEO.

  3. Scott Newkirk

    What a great article Craig It is so great to hear that you have stuck with Wealthy affiliates this long. You are truly an asset to a wonderful community like this, WA needs more people like you. I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to many more.

  4. C Hughes

    Thanks Scott,
    Yup, I’m in it for the long term benefits.
    For several years I juggled full time work with IM. After my last layoff I’m doing this full time and loving the freedom. I have never worked harder in my life but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

    I also appreciate having a flexible schedule. My folks are elderly and need quite a bit of support. I can drop them at the Doctors office and work away in the waiting room while they are busy with whatever procedure is called for that day.

  5. Ty Johnson

    Hey Craig I’m also a member of WA and figured I would toss my opinion out there for your readers as well if that’s OK.

    First let me say that I have to completely disagree with you about it taking a month to see everything on the Starter Membership It would take WAY LONGER than that! however a month is more than enough time to be able to see the amazing amount of value that both the Starter and Premium memberships offer.

    Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you with my disagreement but I did want to get everyone’s attention.

    To make a long story short I have been a premium member myself for well over a year now and I can tell you that quite literally EVERYTHING you will ever need to succeed online is found within WA and there are no up-sells the premium membership is all inclusive that way rather than having to worry about buying the next step you can just focus on your education and building your business.

    I know some people are going I barely know how to log into the internet and to that I say this, it makes no difference WA will teach you the skills that part is easy.

    The only thing WA does not have on their website that you will need to succeed is the willingness to take action, they have the right atmosphere but you have to provide the willingness to actually put what you learn into action.

    Best wishes to you all on your new journey
    Ty Johnson

    • C Hughes

      Yes it is true, many folks get stuck when it is time to take action.
      Such a simple step and yet the fear of putting yourself out on the web causes people to freeze in their tracks.

      The only way to get over this is to push through and take the plunge.

      Thanks for you comment Ty.

  6. Stacy

    Hi Craig

    I really like your site, it’s easy to read and has lots of info. There’s really no reason not to join WA after reading the info. The “insights” drop down menu is a great way to lead into those subjects.

    • C Hughes

      Thanks Stacy,
      All of the Insights that I have learned have come either from members here at WA or through the motivational posts that our members have shared.
      Not only have I learned a lot about Internet Marketing but I think I have become a more rounded individual by being a part of this community.

  7. Nenita

    If I was not a member here yet,and seeing your site I’ll sure join right away. Very neat and really looks professional.

    • C Hughes

      Thank-you Nenita.

      I’m glad you like what you see. If there is anything I can do to help you in your business online, please let me know. I’m always around to help people to learn and excel at this.

  8. Emma Fellini

    Hi Craig, I love the way you write about how you assesed yourself and found that you are an asset for yourself and others. I agree completely.
    There hasn´t been a time over at WA that you haven´t picked up one of my questions. I am very thankful to know you and to see a friendship develop.
    I am so glad that at WA community is thriving.

    • C Hughes

      Thanks Emma,
      I’ve found that a basic assessment when starting something new is a worthwhile exercise. This is second only to Goal setting.
      When I started this online stuff, I have set some goals both long and short term, I have ticked off many of these as my experience level has increase. There are still a few long term goals to go.
      Of course, I am always evaluating and adjusting my goals to fit my current state. Being helpful is one of those goals that just doesn’t go away and has benefits all its own.

  9. Tommy Dillard

    Nice review of Wealthy Affiliate it is a great place to learn how to do online marketing, I myself am enjoying the ride of a life time here. Good luck

    • C Hughes

      Thanks Tommy,
      Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing place. I have learned a lot here and continue to gain new insights every day.

  10. Bill

    An honest, open, heartfelt assessment, Craig. You captured my attention and held it all the way through. I’m going to stick around and read some more!

    • C Hughes

      Thanks Bill,
      Having been a member with WA for the last 3 years I have seen the current site go through some major upgrades. This is a great place to be.


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