CSM LogoName: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website: www.coffeeshopmillionaire.com

Price: $39 but can be had for $29 if you try to exit the sales page.

Owner: Anthony Trister

Rating: 40 out of 100


I came across the Coffee Shop Millionaire again the other day and since it was sent from someone I thought I should trust, I checked it out a bit.

After sitting through a 24 minute sales video (I really would have quit after 10 if I wasn’t curious as to how long this drivel could go on), I knew nothing about this product at all.

Is the Coffee Shop Millionaire really a scam?

After viewing this, I needed to write the Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Review as I did get the product to prove to myself that it was just hype and fluff with very little substance.  In fact, this product is sadly out of date, poorly put together and just a way for Anthony Trister to make a quick buck.

The hints that he provided got me looking a bit more closely at the video.  It appears that he is promoting a product on Clickbank and that his affiliates are driving traffic to him.  While this is a technique that has been around for eons it isn’t really something that someone just learning Internet Marketing is ready or able to do.

Here is one of the images of his proof.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Proof ScreenNote that the items shown are all from 2011.  You would think that he might show an updated screen shot if he is really making money at this.

Also note that in the bottom corner the Vendor name is CSMillions.  This would be the product that he is promoting in the sales video.  He also promotes this via Clickbank as a product.  Here he has an army of affiliates pushing the product.  Does a newbie have this sort of network?  Not on your life!

Red Flags that the Coffee Shop Millionaire is a Scam

When I’m looking at a product, I check a few things that cause me to Flag a product as a scam.

  • First, does the sales video have a way to advance or skip through the video?  This video forces you to sit through the entire thing.  Well that is unless you purchase the product.  You can click out to the buy page at any time you like.
  • Second, when you don’t purchase the product, is there an exit pop-up?  Yes, the sales page does have this.
  • Third, does the product get even cheaper when you try to leave without buying?  Yes, the sales page will let you purchase the product for $27 instead of $37.
  • Fourth, is the product provided at a highly discounted rate?  Well initially this product is offered at $4997 and then in the video is discounted to $97.  This seems like a steep discount to me. I was also offered the product at $197 discounted to $27 when I tried to leave the sales page.  Well, which is it, $29, $39, $97, $197 or $4997?
  • Fifth, do you know what the product does after watching the video? Nope, you sat through 24 minutes of mind numbing sales copy and still you have no idea what the product is or does.

I can go on and on, I could mention that after I did get the product, I was offered several upsells.  If I had taken advantage of the done for you PLR (Private Label Rights) website, the mastermind group and the monthly subscription, I would have spent $421. He also pushes his done for you sites quite heavily.  This is done to enhance his income stream with hosting charges.

When this product was initially released it was done as a JV product.  JV stands for Joint Venture and is a way to capitalize on a network of other marketers.  The entire network shares this product through their lists resulting in heavy penetration to the market and all of their contacts.  The network is well compensated for this promotion.

What’s included in the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Inside the Coffee Shop Millionaire members area

Cash Machines

  •  Local Cash Machine: local business marketing
  • Newsletter Cash Machine: Email marketing
  • Article Cash Machine: Article Marketing
  • Video Cash Machine: Video Marketing

Million Dollar Launch Secrets

  •  15 Videos that include
    • Product Creation
    • Army of Affiliates
    • Art of Launches
    • Getting Affiliates Excited
    • New Partnerships
    • Keys to a Mega Launch
    • Launch Contests
    • Launch Processes
    • Meet Big Players
    • Rolling Launches
    • The Launch Schedule
    • The Ultimate Product Pack – 21K System
    • Underground Affiliates
    • Upsell Path
    • Webinar Replays

Affiliate Marketing

  • Using and creating Affiliate Programs

Adsense Sites

  • Quick Start Guide to Google AdSense
  • Setting Up and Using New Adsense Ads
  • Publishing Free Articles on Your Blog

Skillset Videos

  • Beginner – Focuses on how to work from home and creating the right mindset.
  • Intermediate – Focuses on increasing your market penetration using JV Traffic, using Press Releases, Forum Marketing, PPC, Link Building,  Traffic, etc
  • Advanced -Focuses on Webinars and other opportunities for volume traffic

Tech Tutorials

  • Basic Videos Upload Using FTP
  • Blogger Setup
  • Adding Paypal Button
  • Word Press Setup
  • Hosting Setup
  • Elance
  • Adding Audio and Video
  • Registering Domains
  • Autoresponder Setup
  • Adding Clickbank Payment Button
  • Ezine Article Submission
  • PHP Redirect
  • Modify Content

Six Figure Secrets Club

This is an 8 week mastermind group including 10 added cash machines.

  • 3 Powerful List Building Strategies
  • Site Critique
  • Webinar Training
  • Training Critique
  • Solo Ads
  • Killer Email Copy
  • Banner Ads
  • Offline Integration
  • Split Testing
  • Outsourcing oDesk
  • Picking a Niche
  • Micro Niche Keyword
  • Creating WSO’s
  • Leveraging Facebook
  • Shopify Store Setup

The 21k System

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • Kevin Wilke 
  • Brian David Crane

Bonus Interviews

  • Kevin Wilke
  • Kelly Felix
  • Jason Drohn
  • Dush Ramachandran

Anthony Trister’s Rolodex

  • Rolodex

If this Coffee Shop Millionaire System actually delivered on all of the topics that are included in the list, this would be well worth the money ($27).  But when you add in that there are additional fees to be paid, and that the training is marginal, outdated and disorganized it loses value very quickly.  For the initial part of the course, you only get part of the system.  The remaining information is hidden behind an upsell.  Unless you opt for the higher price, the meat of the system is not available.

Final  Rating of the Coffee Shop Millionaire

Is this a scam, well Anthony Trister has made a valid attempt to provide enough information that he should avoid the Scam title.

Is this recommended?  I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend this product.  The training is disjointed and focused on delivering scammy products to your customers.  I like to provide real value to my customers.  The value of this is marginal for the price that you will pay.

See how it compares to my #1 rated product

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