ScammersI contribute to a site called Warrior Scams.  This site is all about the products that are available on the Warrior Forum.  As a contributor to this site, I have the opportunity to view a large volume of shoddy products. The scam of making money online is that anyone can do it without working.  This gives people the idea that they too can create a fortune without working at it. The products of the Warrior Forum are generally created by, what I like to refer to as, serial scam artists posing as entrepreneurs. They make money by creating products to buy on the Warrior Forum. Each product looks at one small aspect of the overall Internet marketing puzzle.  Some of the information is outdated, often the information is no longer relevant in today’s online environment.  They assume that no one will complain too loudly if they buy a $10 product that really doesn’t tell them much. Getting a refund is virtually impossible anyway.  They create product after product, get their associates (joint-venture partners) to promote their product on their mailing lists and then shut down the product promotion after it has run its course and move on to the next one.

Create a list

You may note that this can be a lot of work.  It may be a big hit, it may flop, that isn’t a concern.  They are not really after product sales, they want to create a list of potential buyers.  They wish to increase their reach for the next round.  If you join their list, you are a potential buyer for the next product or the one after that or after that.  Their hope is that something they create will connect and you will buy. List swapping and selling a buyer’s list are commonplace.

Create an Upsell and a Downsell

Once you are in the funnel, there will be upsells.  An upsell is the opportunity to buy a related, more expensive product.  If you opt-in to the additional level, you will have the opportunity to join the next level.  There is a marketing adage that says if you have people buying they are more apt to buy again.  In this case, they hope that you are ready to buy immediately.  And what happens if you don’t buy?  Well, there is a down-sell.  This is the opportunity to purchase something less expensive. Separating you from your money and qualifying you as a buyer is the goal.

Joint-Venture Partners

Before a product is released on the Warrior Forum, it is promoted inside JVZoo, and sometimes also appears inside JV Notify Pro.  These are two sites that cater to JV Partners.  For a cut of the proceeds of the product (percentage of each sale) the Joint Venture (JV) partners promote the product to their lists.  This amplifies the impact of the product.  Remember those lists we were talking about?  This is where they come into play.  Each JV Partner has created their own list of potential buyers.  These poor folks are presented with the “opportunity” to purchase another product to “enhance” their capabilities. Those that subscribe to these JV sites are all about finding the next sucker to buy the product of the day.

The Goal

The ultimate goal of all of this is to separate you from your money.  Is there good information to be had?  In some cases, there is some good information.  In most cases, the information is lacking in some aspect.  There is enough information to tease you into purchasing the next level.   The main goal is not to provide you with education but to extract cash.  This is a shame, it isn’t necessary to scam people.  It is just as easy to provide good value at a reasonable price and keep people coming back for additional information.  Allow people to choose to do repeat business instead of scamming them and leaving them to their own devices. It is a simple matter of changing your mindset.  This is something that successful businesses have figured out long ago.  It is much easier to sell something new to a previously satisfied customer.  So why wouldn’t you do that?  The internet provides a huge  volume of new learners.  These are people ripe for any thread of hope.  They don’t realize that the hype and promises are not true.

The Legitimate Option

Is there anywhere that operates legitimately and provides the full picture?  Yes, there are a few.  They can be hard to recognize as these companies don’t go in for the hype and promotional gimmicks that are rampant in this internet marketplace. One such place is Wealthy Affiliate.  This is a site where you will learn how to market online.  You will learn to create a WordPress website that is self-hosted (it can be on anything you desire).  You will learn to create a legitimate business that you can run from anywhere that there is an internet connection.

What to Look For

  • A Free Trial

You want a way to evaluate the product that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  It would certainly be nice if you didn’t need to provide a credit card number to view this.  A legitimate company will provide you a way to at least get a taste of what you are buying into.  So, if there is no free option that will let you kick the tires, then think long and hard about taking the plunge.

  • Training

When you evaluate training you want to make sure that you are getting the full story.  Often these small, quick training tutorials that you find on the Warrior Forum or elsewhere will only cover part of what you need to know.  Joining a full community such as Wealthy Affiliate provides a full set of training.  You also want to look at how the training is presented so that it meets your learning style.  Many people learn better by reading, some by viewing videos and others by listening and following along with examples.  A good training facility will provide a way that you can do this that meets your learning style.

  • Tools

A reputable firm will have many tools available for you to use as well as training. Keyword search is an important part of the online equation and a good online training community will have access to a keyword tool of some sort. Getting online as simply as possible is a good tool to have. There are hosting solutions that will install WordPress with a few clicks, but even better is the integrated solution that can get you online and building a website in under a minute. And if you’re strapped for cash, an option that you can use to build a free website that’s easily transferable and can save not only time but make it easy for your website to get earning for you quickly.

  • Community

Working online can be a solitary job.  You spend much of your time alone, sitting at your computer.  It’s nice to have a community of like-minded professionals to bounce ideas off of, and help you along the way.  If you’re just getting started, it’s nice to have people that know their way around and can guide you.  Sometimes you just want somebody to talk to, someone to share your trials and tribulations.  Having a support system in place can be the difference between going crazy and actually making your on line time profitable.

I hope this article has given you the information you need to avoid getting scammed online.  The community that I belong to is one that honestly cares about how to help people.  Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to get online, provides a free trial and two free websites for you to kick the tires and has a caring community of people that will help you along the way.

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