As I was perusing Google, I looked for the term affiliate marketing.  I noticed that when searching this term or any of the various permutations of this term, I see the six-figure mentor program pop up frequently in the paid ads. Should it be called the Six-Figure Mentor scam?  Decide for yourself after reading this article.

As many people know, there are two ways to get on top of the search engines. One way is to do it organically, and there are various techniques to increase your organic rank, the second way is to pay into Adwords.  Usually, when a company uses Adwords as the six-figure mentor program appears to be doing, it means that they are unable to rank organically for this term. I thought it would be worthwhile to look into the six-figure mentor program and determine if it is, in fact, a scam or legitimate company that is teaching people affiliate marketing.  Sadly, it appears that this is just another program with a slick marketing ploy and a large Adwords budget.

Six Figure MentorsSix Figure Mentors

Overall Ranking: 4/10

 Six Figure Mentors Rating Six Figure Mentors Rating Six Figure Mentors Rating Six Figure Mentors Rating Six Figure Mentors Rating Six Figure Mentors Rating Six Figure Mentors Rating Six Figure Mentors Rating Six Figure Mentors Rating Six Figure Mentors Rating 


Student Access: $29.94 Enrollment Fee, $25/month ongoing membership
Basic: $297 Enrollment Fee $97/month ongoing membership
Elite: $2500 Add On per Year
Owners: Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek

What is the Six-Figure Mentor Program- Is it a Scam

I signed up for the free level of the Six-Figure Mentor program to see what it was all about.  I was subjected to a high-pressure sales tactic.  First, of course, I needed to provide them with my email which is standard operating procedure. This allows them to market to me via email.  What I didn’t really appreciate was that I needed to provide a phone number.  This proved to be a way for them to get a hold of me directly.  A phone call was imminent.

On this phone call. I was subjected to more high-pressure sales tactics trying to get me into the basic membership so that of course I could be upsold into the next level.  I was not ready given the information that I have been provided to give them $297.  This of course would only be good for the first 30 days, then I would need to give them an additional $97 each month.  $1461 per year would be the cost for one year of this program.  I know that I get a full year of Wealthy Affiliate membership for $359, so this seemed a bit exorbitant.

I know from reading other reviews that this would not be the last expense that I would incur with this program.  Several estimates are that if you don’t have $10-$20,000 of ready cash available that this system won’t work for you.

What I call it the Six-Figure Mentor scam?  I don’t know that I would go that far and call it a scam, but it certainly is a high-priced product that may or may not provide an income.

What is the Product?

The six-figure mentors program is a training program.  There are short course modules.  Each course has a video, covers a specific topic and finishes with a short quiz on the material covered.  There is an extensive list of courses that unfortunately won’t be available to you for the first two levels.  Only when you get into their basic membership do you get access to the training materials.  You must be a member at a certain level before you can sell that level to other people.

You also need to buy into a certain level before you are able to sell in their affiliate program.  What this means is that you have a hybrid MLM.  It’s not a true multilevel marketing program but you do need to have purchased and provided your mentor/sponsor with a commission.  There is no upline or downline so this doesn’t truly classify it as an MLM.  I find that I like the affiliate program with Wealthy Affiliate better as even free members are able to participate in their affiliate program.  There are reduced commission payouts for free members, but at least, the affiliate program is available without charge.

Who is The Six-Figure Mentors for?

According to the sales literature The six figure mentor program is for just about everyone.

  • Are you dissatisfied with your job or your employer?  
  • Are you a parent that works at home?
  • Are you in need of a new direction?
  • Could you use some extra income?
  • Are you a veteran, retired, grandparent?
  • Do you have zero business experience?
  • Are you a network marketer or an affiliate marketer looking for an opportunity?
  • Are you an existing business owner?
  • Are you a student?
  • Are you a professional, a banker, a lawyer, a doctor, an Indian chief?

Apparently the six figure mentor program targets everyone. well anyone that may decide that they need to earn extra income.

The bottom line is, they are selling affiliate marketing, they’re selling it to a broad base of customers. And I absolutely agree, affiliate marketing is perfectly suited to just about everyone. I don’t have a problem with affiliate marketing but I do have a problem with high pressure sales tactics that don’t deliver.

The Good

  • The training is well organized with each module having a targeted learning outcome.
  • There is an interactive community.
  • Weekly training webinars.
  • Support team .
  • Short ,focused videos.

The Bad

  • Constant push to the higher paying programs.
  • Blind sales pages. You really don’t know what you’re getting before you sign up.
  • The cost of the training is exorbitant.
  • Done for you sales pages are never a good idea. You need to add your own unique touch to your website.
  • Many of the techniques are outdated. They profess to be state of the art and constantly updated and yet promote techniques that aren’t effective any longer.

Overall Impression

While at first blush this program appears to be just what you’re looking for to learn internet marketing, it doesn’t really fit the reality of a new Internet Marketer. As you get involved in this program and move through the free level you’ll find that you are subject to some intense marketing all about getting you into the higher levels.

When you reach the student level you’re provided with just enough information to whet your appetite and again driving towards the higher priced products.

This is classic marketing 101.Give them what they want, not what they need and move them towards  the next sale.

Overall Rating 4/10  The cost, the promotional feel and the pushy sales tactics make this a negative experience.

I like to get involved with  at training platform that respects  its students.That is why I won’t be joining the six-figure mentor program and I’ll stick with Wealthy Affiliate. the Wealthy Affiliate program provides everything that the six figure mentor program has going. Inside Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member, at the cost of $359 a year, you have these features:

  • Step by step training
  • Weekly training webinars
  • Community Membership and of course this is exclusive to wealthy affiliate’s members.
  • What digital skills platform that’s enhanced daily by its own members as well as the owners and long time members that have created their own successful businesses and still stop by and provide added value for the membership.
  • Tools & Services: SFM  calls this a digital business Lounge. Wealthy Affiliate just calls it the toolbox. Which includes hosting, website registration,  a full support team and all the training that goes with learning how to create a  self-hosted WordPress site and how to market  and earn traffic to the site.
  • As for live events, there is a Vegas intensive each year for the affiliates that have reached a certain level. this is fully paid for by the owners.

This is everything that the six-figure mentor program offers at a much lower price.  Yes, the organization is a bit different, but every bit as good.  There are no high-pressure sales tactics, you can join the Premium package if you like, or stick with the Starter Training.  The starter training is free. However, it is limited, and to get the full experience you will want to upgrade to premium.  You can pay this monthly or annually, it’s up to you.  The annual package provides a bit of cost savings over the monthly plan.

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