Are you curious about it?  Have you heard about it?

Commission Black Ops is all about curiosity. The entire promotion is about creating interest without giving anything away.

Yes, he tells you that he is generating $39,041.46 per month.  That sounds like more than chump change.

The disclaimers point to a different story but I’ll get into that in a bit.

In fact, I’ll give you the truth about Commission Black Ops. 



Commission Black Ops Scam

Author: Craig
Reviewed: March 20, 2016

Overall Ranking: 3/10

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Price:  $9.95 with Up-Sells
Owners: Michael Cheney

What is Commission Black Ops

Commission black ops is the newest iteration of a product from Michael Cheney.  It’s hard to tell exactly what it is he selling, all of his promotional materials tell you how much he’s making from his process.  But you never find out what it is the process is all about.  He is intentionally cryptic.

According to Michael Cheney:

  • It’s the greatest commission creating method known to man.
  • It takes no additional investment in ad spend.
  • It’s based on thousands of dollars worth of research money.
  • And of course, it’s cloaked in secrecy.

I’m not buying the hype.  I’ve seen thousands of these over the years.  They promise the moon but all you get is a pale reflection in a puddle.  And Mr. Cheney laughs all the way to the bank.  They tell you that you’ll make at least 10 times your investment.  An investment of $9.95 is all that’s required so it’s easy to see you could, at least, make back your initial investment. The chances of you getting a refund are slim to none.

He’s cloaked his sales copy with verbiage that makes it seem like you’re taking on the battle.  The battle against all these other affiliate marketers.  With his secret, you’ll win. Meh!

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Who is theOwner of Commission Black Ops

I did a little bit of research into Michael Cheney.  Given the fact that he’s a serial entrepreneur (which means he frequently releases new rehashed products), I’d have to say that his trust factor is low.

His LinkedIn profile indicates that he’s CEO of three businesses in the UK and has now relocated to New York City where he is CEO of yet another enterprise.  Kudos, most people find that being CEO of one company is sufficient.

Looking a bit deeper into his online empire, we find that he has been promoting a product called “The Commission Machine” throughout 2015. When this product started out it was a 9-minute money miracle, by the end of the year.  It was a 17-minute money miracle.  Now, the domain has been taken off-line(Or perhaps he just neglected to renew).  I’m guessing this product morphed into Commission Black Ops.  Again, this pounds on his trust rating.

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Why  Have All the Secrecy Surrounding Commission Black Ops?

Curiosity killed the cat.  With minimal information, people have the ability to imagine what this product might be.Getting your potential buyers to create their own ideas around the product will increase conversions.  By creating an atmosphere of curiosity,  Michael Cheney is providing incentive without actually providing information.

This can be a very powerful tool when you are trying to scam people out of their hard-earned income. I’d have to say that he’s been doing this long enough, with enough products, that he has the art of the sale down.

I noticed in some of the literature that was provided he is also giving commissions to his JVs.  In his sales literature, he says that he’s doing this purely to increase his elite group of special operatives. It does appear, however, that he is getting more than just a group of people working for him.  Once under the hood,  I suspect there will be plenty of opportunities to promote his products to others.


As a general rule of thumb, I scroll to the bottom of any website that I see promoting products of this sort and check out their earnings disclaimer as well as their anti-spam Policy.

Commission black ops makes it easy to find their earnings disclaimer, as their earnings disclaimer is right at the bottom of the page.  It indicates that he’s super focused on making this product work and that your results may vary.  He puts all the onus on you to make this product work for you.

If you go into the earnings disclaimer you’ll find that he pretty much says, they make no guarantees that you will actually make money at this. His prior success may not be  something that you can attain. It goes into a lot of mumbo-jumbo, but in the end, it basically says, you probably won’t be able to make much and were not responsible for you.

I noticed that the earnings disclaimer, as well as the anti-spam page, have dates on them from November 2013. Since this product was released in March 2016,  it is clear that he has copied and pasted from a previous product.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does indicate that this product was thrown together with very little forethought.  This goes towards the trust issue again.  With all the red flags that I see, I don’t trust this product to provide what it states.

Where Can I Find a Non-Scammy Alternative?

Affiliate marketing is rife with products that offer huge rewards but don’t provide much real information. The promotion around Commission Black Ops is one of the worst I’ve seen.  I’ve been through the promotional materials several times still have absolutely no idea what the product is all about.

The bargain basement price is meant to get you in the door where you can be sold several higher-priced products.  I’ve done several posts about how up-sells and down-sells work if you like to check out what you can expect if you do buy this product.

I bet you’d like to see a product that actually has information upfront that will help you understand what you’re buying.  It might even be nice if you could kick the tires and try something out before you buy.  Wealthy Affiliate provides all that for you. Not only does it expose all the secrets, but you get tutorials and a community that’s actually out to help you learn.  An environment that avoids all of the hype and just gives you the information you need to create your online business.  What a refreshing idea!

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