The WordPress page editor is where you will go to add pages to your WordPress site.  This introduction shows you how to reach the editor and where you will go to add new pages and delete any pages that you would like to remove.

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The demo site that was used for this training can be found at

0:48 Reaching the Page Editor

1:28 Removing the Sample Page

2:53 Page Editor Screen Options

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Hi folks. In our last tutorial we talked about adding editing plug-ins.  Today were going to talk about the page editor.  As I mentioned in the previous tutorial, pages are used for static content.  This would be information that does not change.  Typically on the pages you will create three or four main topics.  These topics will be the main points that you will be making on your site.  You will also want to add an about me page, a contact page, and if you are an affiliate marketer, you will want to add a privacy policy page, and an affiliate disclaimer page.

Reaching the Page Editor

When I scroll down to Pages in the left menu, I can get into the editor by clicking on Pages or All Pages in the pop-up menu.  To add new pages I will click on add new on the pop out menu. I can also go to the top header bar where I can click on new and then scroll down to the page item and click on that. Once I am inside the page listing, an additional Add New button will show at the top of the edit window.

Removing the Sample Page

Opening the page listing causes the pop out menu to be pulled into the main left menu.  A new installation of WordPress comes with a Sample Page included.  You will want to remove this Sample Page and create your own. To delete the page, hover over the title for the page that you want to remove, a pop-up menu will appear. Select trash.  This will move the page into the trash. Above the listing of pages the number one appears next to the trash item. Clicking on the trash item, you will then see the sample page listed. At the top of the listings, there is an empty trash button that will delete everything in the trash folder, or you can select multiple pages using the checkboxes to the left of the page listings and above, using the bulk actions box, you click the down arrow, followed by Delete Permanently. You can hover over the title and click restore this will put the page back into the main page listing.

Page Editor Screen Options

The screen options, in the upper Right, are somewhat limited for this page.  You can turn on and off the author, comments and published date.  The published date column also indicates that the page is a draft or has been published.  You can also change the number of pages that appear on the list.  If you prefer not to click to multiple pages, this can be helpful.  When you change the number of pages displayed, you will need to click on the apply button to make those active.

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