THW Global Review

Initially THW Global was a company that was promoting watch videos, get $25/ hour.  If you have an invitation, you can become a member and earn.  But wait, now that the initial 50,000 people have signed up, it looks like we have something going here.

So, let’s change the rules.  Now we need 4 million signed-up.

We can extend the soft launch because it’s doing so well.  Just keep signing people up to watch our videos.  But make sure that you have your ad blocker turned off or we can’t show them to you.

These must be some of the things going through Sherm Mason’s mind as this platform is developed.

For those of us watching this, it is a sure sign that this platform is not on the up and up.

Overall Ranking: THW Global Review RatingTHW Global Review RatingTHW Global Review RatingTHW Global Review RatingTHW Global Review Rating (1 / 5)

Price: Free to sign up and watch

$995 to get a certification to earn commissions $39.95/month

Owners: Sherm Mason



Who is this THW Global Review For?

This is a head’s up for people.  THW Global is a scam of the highest caliber.  This program is designed and promoted by a serial scam artist named Sherm Mason.  This is not common knowledge as he has made a big effort to conceal his identity.

Sherm Mason has been involved as the primary in several outright Ponzi schemes.  3x9 Millionaire Machine was a Pyramid that had the next lowest tier paying the upper-level tier.  Only the top person actually was able to make a payout.  Guess who.  Sherm’s first foray into the MLM scam scene was the Magnetic builder.  This cost $40 to buy in and only promoted the pyramid as the product.  Are you starting to see a pattern here?

If you are new to online scams, then this product is for you.  It will give you a great education on how to get taken for a ride.

What are the Pros of THW Global?

  • Fun Videos are available to watch as long as you turn off your ad blocker.

What are the Cons of THW Global?

  • The guy running this platform is a known scam artist
  • Videos must be played with full ad access.
  • Platform changes every day.
  • New Rules benefit the owner of the platform and not the users.
  • You need to buy-in to the affiliate program.
  • Pyramid style compensation.


Overview of THW Global

CHW is a product platform that allows you to watch videos. They tell you that you will earn $25 per hour by just watching videos. This is how they get you into the system. A get you to sign up, which apparently they have done for over 1 million people. To be part of the system and to get paid.

Once you are in the system you find that in order to earn from the system you must buy into the affiliate program. The cost to buy into the affiliate program is $995. Wow, they must be pretty sure of themselves. Can you imagine how long it would take  to recoup that investment at $25 an hour?This would be well and good  except that the rules changed.

Now for various tasks not just watching videos but  taking surveys and performing other tasks playing games etc. you get credits. When you accrue enough credits these get transferred into points and when you earn 100 points get a buck

The platform is currently in flux. The changes all seem to benefit the owner.It would appear that he is trying to maximize his profit by getting people to watch the ads on the videos which he gets paid for and pass those on to the users without giving up his main profit sources. He’s also very interested in  accruing an email list with sign-ups. These are buyers and suckers and people that want to make additional money online. And most of them are ripe for the pickings.

If you think you’re going to make money at this you are probably mistaken.

Support Inside THW Global

Inside teach to view global you will be invited by someone. It may just be a link from a social network. In either event, this person will become your up line. You may not know them, you certainly won’t get to know them because essentially once you’re inside this program and you’re on your own.

Support is nonexistent.

The Pricing for THW Global

When this  product was first released in June 2016 you could get in for free.

As of September 1 in order to get paid you must purchase the affiliate plan which is $995.

On top of this, you will be required to pay $39.95  to continue your monthly membership.  This will allow you to get paid  on your views and the views of those that you sign up to the program. A five dollar bonus is available for each person you sign up.

My verdict for this  “wonderful” program is to sStay away say very far away.

You will be spending time watching advertising your video will eventually play but not until after you have watched a significant value of advertisements. This is the business model  for the owner, he gets paid on video views  and  earns ad revenue for viewers.

If you’re looking for a way to actually make money online this is not the way to do it. You’re better off learning to use YouTube as a platform that will support a robust affiliate marketing program. This is after all, that is what the owner of this product is doing. All he’s after are eyeballs.

While I like to tell you that watching videos to earn money  is a good way, I just can’t say that. You will waste your time!

The program at Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with a way that you can earn money legitimately. It does take time,  you will not earn immediately until you have created a website that people want to visit. But if you have something that you love to do and spend days and days talking about it, why not talk about it online and earn money in the process. You can sit around and watch videos and let someone else earn money  or you can do it  for yourself.

Learn to Earn from a Legitimate Business you Own.

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