vSource made the rounds on JvZoo this week.  A top seller. Having picked apart the sales videos, I have some serious reservations about this product.  I thought you might like a vSource Review so that you don’t make a mistake and purchase this product.

vSource provides a software and plugin as well as a WordPress theme all in one package.  They tell us that this will create a website using curated content pulled from YouTube that will almost instantly get you rankings in only 6 quick steps.  A lazy marketers dream.

If you are a lazy marketer then you deserve to get taken for your money with this one.

Vsource ReviewOverall Ranking: vSource Review RatingvSource Review RatingvSource Review RatingvSource Review RatingvSource Review Rating (2 / 5)

Price: $67 Basic, Add $77 for Pro Level

Owners: Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana, Prodnyesh Niwakar

Website: vsource.me

Who is vSource for?

The sales video tells you right up front, this product is for lazy marketers.  Essentially, this is an automated system that pulls videos from YouTube with their associated comments and places them into separate posts on a website.

What this software does is to create a curated site with the focus being the product or keyword that is chosen.  On first blush, this seems like a quick way to create a website.  They don’t mention however that Google knows that this content has been created by others.  Google sees it as duplicate content and won’t give the site any rank.

So, if you are a lazy marketer and think that this automated solution will allow you to make bank, you are quite mistaken.

What are the Pros of vSource?

  • Creates a site in 6 easy steps
  • Overlays your affiliate links or One time Offers on top of the Video.

What are the Cons of vSource?

  • This product is a rebranded re-release of the iiStores product released in May
  • The owners of this product release a new product every three months.
  • The product is only available for a short time.  It will expire shortly after it’s release.
  • vSource curates old information from YouTube that Google recognizes as duplicate content.
  • Google doesn’t rank duplicate content.

vSource Overview

The vSource software will create a website for you in 6 easy steps.

  1. Search for the Product or Keyword
  2. Check for broken links with traffic on videos.
  3. Buy an expired domain.
  4. Add Hosting and WordPress
  5. Add your Keyword  and let the software create a site.
  6. Overlay your links on top of the videos.

Basically, this software will go out and find expired domains for you to purchase.  The owners of this product want you to believe that this is a sure way to traffic.  The domain may have been forgotten about as they state in the sales literature but it is more likely that the domain wasn’t producing the desired effect or incurred a Google penalty for some reason.

Buying expired domains can be very risky business.  A site that has incurred a penalty and that has been abandoned may rank eventually but not without a lot of work cleaning up the backlink profile. Then again, you may be stuck with a dud that will never rank.

The software will build a site with curated content.  This is another problem.  Google knows when content is published and who the original author is.  Pulling together content from many sources will get your site noticed briefly.  Then Google says “hey there is no original content here” and send the site to the oblivion known as the Sandbox.  This is where sites go to die.  Cats leave deposits and scratch sand over your site never to be seen again.

Finally, you are overlaying your links on top of the original links on these videos.  Perhaps you feel good about this but I find it completely distasteful.  This may be legal because you are putting these links on your own site but it certainly isn’t ethical.

What Sort of Support Might You Get from vSource?

The track record of the owners of this product can answer this question.  Every three months they are releasing another product.  Most of these seem to be rebranded versions of the same software.  All of their promotional pages are virtually identical in their visuals.  The actors promoting the products change but the content is consistent.

So, what you have to look forward to if you purchase this product is a thank-you very much from the owners and then no response after they have your money.  They have moved on to the next product.  The next time you hear from them, they will be offering you some other product that will make you money overnight… For the Low, Low Price of just….

The bottom line is that this is a flash in the pan put out to take your money.

What Would Be Better than vSource?

I have to admit when I first saw this I was interested.  After looking a bit closer I figured out that this is a really bad software. It generates a new site on an old URL that may or may not have been penalized.  It then pulls duplicate content into a site and posts duplicate content from all over.  Will it steal their traffic?  No, most of this content has run its course and is old and stale.

The big questions in my mind when I view the sales videos for this family of products are First: Is it legal and second,  Is it ethical? While what they are doing isn’t technically against the law, what they are promoting is highly unethical, and borderline criminal.

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