Have you ever wanted to learn Internet Marketing?

Are you unemployed and want to learn a new way to earn money?

Are you a Stay at Home Mom, and need to help with the finances?

Are you getting ready to retire and don’t know  how you are going to make ends meet?

Here is an opportunity that will be right up your alley.

Wealthy Affiliate  is now offering a FREE option. 

Is this one of those free to start but will hit you with an upsell as soon as you try to leave this page?

Absolutely Not!  There is a Premium option that costs $49.00 per month and even an annual membership that brings the cost to under $1.00/day, but this is not something that you will be pressured to buy.  Premium Membership may be an option that you would like to take advantage of in the future but it is not something that you must do.

There is never a hard sell here.  When you sign up for the Starter Package at Wealthy Affiliate you get hundreds of tutorials, a path to learn your way in a legitimate Internet Marketing company.  You get to chat with others that are working through the same things that you are going through.  Some have less knowledge, some more.  Each and everyone that you come into contact with brings something to the table.  Some are sales people and have been selling for years, some are technical whizz kids.  Some are amazing Internet Marketers that are making a full time living at this.  All are willing to share in a spam free environment.

The owners, Kyle and Carson are always available to the membership and are frequently in chat and respond daily to the activity in the Forums.  Kyle is always providing his immense marketing knowledge and while Carson is the technical lead, he frequently replies as well.

One of our new members who signed up under the recently retired 10 day free trial, had a nice response to the new FREE Starter Membership.  Both Kyle and Carson replied.


After discovering WA about a week ago I have to agree with a few others that this is great news!

While I personally don’t think the cost of the premium membership is high, it is still an expense.

If you are not making more money than what you are spending on service fees for advice then either the advice is worthless, or instruction on how to APPLY the advice is lacking.

I know there will always be people who will never apply what they learn or will always be fearful for whatever reason. But I know that Kyle and Carson will see a great benefit as our community will now feel a sigh of relief of being able to upgrade to premium based on confidence and trust rather than urgency.

In closing, I came across a highly negative post about this website. Whether or not it’s justified, I think the fact it was not removed speaks volumes about the openness of this forum and the founder’s credibility.


Exactly and what you have said here validates many things that we were thinking. People should be joining based on how much they like our service versus on urgency alone. People didn’t have 10 days to work (most people probably only had a few) and it was quite restrictive as to what someone would want to do when they were only given 10 days.

We are 100% transparent now, more so than I believe almost any company I have ever seen in the online world. People can make decisions at their own pace and use our service without the pressure of a deadline. 🙂


 I wanted to also chime in on what you have said here because you have really nailed it perfectly. There is a time and place to use time sensitivity in marketing, but taking away people’s access to WA after only 10 days just did not make sense. For well over a year we have wanted to OPEN up WA and allow people to make their decisions about upgrading to Premium at their own pace. We wanted to wait until we had all the pieces in place so that the platform could handle the huge influx in users we will be getting.

We are so excited to be 100% transparent with what Wealthy Affiliate is and it is Kyle and my goal to help every single member succeed online. Those who apply themselves will succeed. Since 2005 Wealthy Affiliate has been very highly regarded in the industry. We do not do these silly (and scam) promotions like so many others, actually we do everything in our power to distance WA from the GURU’s of the Internet marketing industry. Now that WA is truly Open we can give people the time they need to build a trusting relationship with us.

On the note about negativity.. there will always be people who are negative out there but we understand that. Rather than worry about a handful of negative remarks, we like to focus on the Millions of positive ones 🙂 WA is truly here to help people learn about online business and we look forward to the opportunity that is available now that the 10 day time limit has been lifted!

Thanks for the comment!


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