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  • Getting Started ClassroomGetting Started Classroom

This Classroom is organized into ongoing discussions, tutorials and videos.

  • Discussions– There are currently 49 ongoing discussions where members ask for clarification on ongoing issues.  These discussions are reverse chronological so the most recently active discussion is displayed at the top of the list.  Members old and new will stop in to these discussions and offer answers or opinions on the topic at hand.
  • Tutorials– There are currently 10 tutorials available in this classroom.  Many of these are on the technical aspects of Website creation, some are on Niche identification and keyword search.  Essentially, this set of tutorials will help someone that is just getting started learn the best ways to make a website and start off on the right foot.
  • Video Training– There are currently 6 Video trainings that provide some additional information that add value to the tutorials.
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Course #1– This Certification Course provides a step by step walk through getting started and will lay the foundation of your online building blocks.
  • Additional Training–  There are literally thousands of trainings and tutorials that have been created by members, the owners and specialists that are part of our membership.  These are organized into a searchable database and are available from the training menu inside WA.
  • Two Free Websites– Each Starter member gets 2 free websites on the SiteRubix domain to call their own.  These can be developed with any information that a member desires.  The only limitation is that Adult content is not allowed.  Included in the membership is a customized WordPress installation that makes getting your site online in less than 5 minutes.  You add your content and you are online and ready to earn.
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Community–  Networking is a big factor in getting yourself progressing in your online education.  The membership here is absolutely willing to help any new member to progress through their online experience.  There are multiple channels set up to allow members to communicate with each other.  The main chat room allows real time communication with members.  Ask a question and anyone in the chat will respond and help you along.  If this is not sufficient, each member gets a personal blog to ask questions, get answers or share experiences.  You can also interact in any of the threads within the Classroom discussions or on other members feeds.
  • Your own Personal Blogging Space–  Each member gets a personal blogging space.  Here you can provide information on yourself (personal profile) and follow other members that have been helpful to you.  These members have a special feed that will track their entries and posts.  There is also a top 10 list of items that others like and respond to.  This creates an environment where you will find yourself included and able to network.  This takes away one of the main problems with online work, Isolation.
  • WA Affiliate and Sharing Programs– Starter members can earn money directly from Wealthy Affiliate as part of the Affiliate Program.  If you promote WA and people join this community via your affiliate link you get paid.  Starter members are rewarded with a smaller percentage of sales than Premium members but there are very few places where you can earn money online without joining a paid network.  Enhancing the affiliate program, when you share posts and information from within WA with the outside world, your affiliate code can be attached and you can gain affiliate sales without actually creating a website.

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Premium Membership

WA PremiumIn addition to all of the resources available with the Starter Membership, Premium Members get these valuable enhancements.

  •  12 Additional Classrooms

These Classrooms are organized similarly to the Starter Classroom with discussions, tutorials and videos.

Each Classroom has a different focus

    • Keyword Niche and Market Research
    • Everything WordPress
    • Authoring and Writing Content
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Website Development and Programming
    • Local Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • E-Mail Marketing
    • Pay Per Click Marketing
    • Social Engagement and Marketing
    • Wealthy Affiliate Program
    • Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses

    • Course 1- Getting Started Course-The Getting Started Course consists of 10 lessons with tasks outlined for check off. These lessons will teach you how to set up a Website using WordPress, optimize it for the Search Engines and install and activate some useful Plugins. When complete your site will be built and ready to enhance with quality content.
    • Course 2- Ultimate Traffic Training-This Course is dedicated to teaching you what you need to know to get traffic to your site. Adding Backlinks, writing Articles and Social networking are all topics covered in the
    • Course 3- Making Money
    • Course 4- Mastering Social Engagement
    • Course 5 – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation


  • Private Messaging-

    Private Messaging is available within the Premium members area.  Sharing ideas back and forth with the other members and the owners is a great bonus.

  • Premium Tutorials

    Included with the standard tutorials, there are higher level tutorials that provide additional information on a variety of topics. Many of these are available only to Premium members.

  • Premium Video Training-

    Video Training is available for all of the classroom training. Each week one of our premier members holds a Live Video Training. Often these are reviews of member sites and will help members to optimize their sites to make them better, convert more consistently and rank higher in the search engines. These are recorded and available on demand after the live training.

  • High Speed Hosting for unlimited sites-

    Hosting is available to Premium members. You can transfer existing sites and host them with Wealthy Affiliates at no additional charge. For those members with a large number of sites this can be a significant cost savings.

  • Unlimited free sites-

    If you would like to test a concept but don’t wish to purchase a site until you are convinced that a campaign is right for you, you can create a free SiteRubix site on the main WA servers. These are sub-domains on the main SiteRubix domain. They rank quite well in themselves but may not be right for an authority site. Once in place these sites can be re-tasked as feeder sites to a main purchased domain.

  • 24/7 Hosting Support-

    Should anything go wrong with your hosting, there is always someone available to get your problem sorted out. Carson(one of the owners) is available for support in the chat room frequently, there is also a bug reporting system that will be answered in a few minutes. The technical team is first rate and quite responsive.

  • Website monitoring and protection-

    Inherent in the hosting package here at WA is website monitoring. A fact of life with an online business is that spammers and black hat marketers are constantly on the prowl for unprotected sites that they can penetrate and steal content or usurp a site completely. Behind the scenes the security measures are always working to prevent member’s sites from being attacked from these unscrupulous people.

  • Ambassador Program-

    The Ambassador Program is a way for members to share their skills with others. Premium members can create tutorials and training modules that fill in additional training for others. WA rewards this with money paid out when views and likes accumulate to set levels. Your tutorials created today can provide additional income for many years. Quality training and tutorials receive more interaction than run of the mill training. Add value and the membership will reward your efforts.

  • Lifetime Updates-

    Wealthy Affiliate is a constantly evolving membership. Additional training levels and tutorials are added constantly. The site is constantly improved to provide a better learning environment for the members. While you are a member all additions are available at no additional charge. As the internet changes and the face Internet Marketing changes this site constantly evolves to provide the most up to date training available.Join Button

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