Wealthy Affiliate is a training site dedicated to helping people earn an online income and learn Affiliate Marketing online.

  • An exceptional library of video and text-based modules.
  • An active community of like minded people willing and able to help new people.
  • A top notch set of certification courses
  • An amazing set of dedicated classrooms that cover all aspects of Affiliate Marketing.

To top it off, there are a pair of owners that are involved with the site on a daily basis to provide support and assistance to anyone that asks.

This is an amazing place to learn.

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Wealthy Affiliate Overall Ranking:

 Wealthy Affiliate Rating Wealthy Affiliate Rating Wealthy Affiliate Rating Wealthy Affiliate Rating Wealthy Affiliate Rating Wealthy Affiliate Rating Wealthy Affiliate Rating Wealthy Affiliate Rating Wealthy Affiliate Rating Wealthy Affiliate Rating : 9.8/10

Starter Membership:  

  • No Charge
  • No Time Limit
  • No Credit Card Needed

Premium Membership: $49/month $359/year

Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

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My Journey to Wealthy Affiliate


I Met the Self-Professed Gurus

I started looking online for a way to make money in 2010.  I was fed up with the long hours and salary position that I had.  My body was starting to hurt from 12 hour days standing on concrete and my hearing was starting to go from the noise of machines that banged away as I worked. I was tired of 4 months out of town doing machine installations and service calls that flew me to remote parts of the world at a moments notice.

The breaking point for me was the weekend of Hurricane Sandy.  I was stuck in a small town in Vermont working 16 hour days on a startup.  The rain was pounding on the roof as we worked and my wife called.  Our old dog had taken a turn for the worse and she needed to be put down.  Here I was stuck somewhere that I didn’t want to be and unable to leave and come home for a family crisis.

I decided right then that something had to change. As I started to learn about online opportunities, I was drawn in by the visions of airplanes and yachts, I found a place called Dot Com Secrets (click the link for a review) and checked it out.  

I spent a few really bad weeks learning that scams abound on the internet.  There is always someone waiting to sell you the next Shiny Object.  Always someone ready to take your money.  I almost gave up but I had a dream that I could make a better life and was determined to find a legitimate online income.

Then I got Smart

I started researching. For what seemed like months I scoured the internet finding scam after scam.  My online skills were a bit minimal but I learned to research on the web.  I learned what was a good opportunity and what were outright blatant scams.

Eventually, I stumbled upon a review for Wealthy Affiliate.

WA main pageThis place sounded promising, the hype that surrounded most of the online opportunities was missing from this review.  The reviewer was obviously a straight shooter.  He laid it all on the line.  You can’t get rich overnight but with work and persistence, there is a way to earn a living online.

I wasn’t in this to get rich, although that would be nice.  I wanted a way to stay home, not fly all over the country.  I needed to replace my income but if it took some time to get going, I was still employed, I could do this while I worked a day job.

I Still Had Some Thinking To Do

I had almost made my decision, I thought I was going to join this place but you know what I did then?

I went on vacation.

I spent a week on the coast of Maine, eating Lobstah and thinking about what I wanted to do.  I talked to my family and got their opinions and tried to justify in my own mind if this was really a viable option.  I enjoyed time watching the Osprey and went on a Whale Watch, we even went Cod fishing, actually, it was more like shark fishing ’cause all we caught were dogfish sharks. 

I let my mind dwell on the possibilities and more importantly, I made up my mind that what I had read was really not a scam and was a real opportunity.

When I got back, I signed up

I was cautious about this place when I got  back but I figured that a couple of months would be worthwhile.

 It was a tough decision to make.

I had become jaded about the opportunities online.  I still wasn’t sure that this place would measure up. I tried out the monthly membership for a couple of months to verify that I had made a good choice (There is now a free Starter Membership so you can check it out before you buy). If this place was a scam too, I was going to get all of my money back.

Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?  Nope, not This Place!

I recently renewed my membership for the 7th year!  This is the place is the real deal. Since then I have learned lots of things about Internet Marketing. I have not only learned enough about Affiliate Marketing to make a living but have started creating websites for small business in my area and around the US.  I help them with my SEO and marketing skills to get customers in the door and impact their bottom line. All skills I’ve learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m in this thing for the long haul.  I think you will find this to be a great place to learn too.


Have a look at what you will find when you join.  I think you will be impressed by what you will see in this introduction to WA.





#1 The Training is unmatched.

WA Certification Course 1 Overview The training and tutorials are extensive.  Many of the experienced members have created their own tutorials and have shared these with the other members.  The owners Kyle and Carson have created many hours of their own tutorials that direct members in an orderly fashion.

 Inside the topics Include:

  • Creating a website
  • Niche Research
  • Keyword Tools
  • Marketing Strategies
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

#2 The Community

The owners of Wealthy Affiliates have created a sense of community that is phenomenal.  Each member has their own blog that is visible to all other members in the community.  This is called their Profile space.  Other members provide support and feedback on all sorts of experiences and phases of learning. 

Help is available for anyone that is struggling or unsure of something from the more experienced members. Here’s my profile page.

There is also a set of Classrooms where members can focus on one particular subject and share ideas and knowledge. All of these the chat, Classrooms, and Profiles are scanned for Spam constantly. 

WA is a Spam free zone

This creates a helpful and positive environment for all the members. The most wonderful part of this community is that there are members that have been at this for years and are making significant incomes from their online activities, yet they take time out from their own businesses to provide mentoring and expertise to less experienced members. 

This is as close to one on one training as I have ever seen. Even Kyle, one of the owners, is often in chat helping people to move forward and get started.  Both owners are also available via Private Messaging for consultation.

#3 The Tools

If the previous items are not enough, there is a full set of tools available to members.

  • Keyword ToolWA Keyword Tool

To assist with developing targeted campaigns, there is a keyword research tool. Keywords are at the heart of any campaign,  knowing what people are looking for will help you to get your information in front of them.  This provides you with the opportunity to help them to find what they are searching for and a way to help them with their problem.

  • Website Builder

There is a website development platform that is simple to use and fully functional to present your material as well as an optimized blogging platform (WordPress) that simplifies getting your ideas out on the web in a timely fashion.

  • Getting Started ClassroomTraining Classrooms

The training modules as explained above are available in both text format and many are available in Video format if this is easier to understand. 

Each week one of our members (Magistudios) provides a Live Training Course on a variety of topics.  Each of these recorded and are available for Premium members.

#4 Services

To create and maintain an online business, WA offers several services that enable its members to be more efficient online.

Site Registration

WA is a registrar.  You can actually purchase a domain, host it and create a site all within the WA ecosystem.  Pricing is competitive and doesn’t upsell you for all of the extras that you should have to protect yourself and your site.

The renewal fee is the same as your initial registration.  None of this, “we’ll provide the first year at a low price but double or triple the cost for subsequent years”.  You get a reliable registration at a reasonable price.  


Hosting is provided for 25 free .siterubix subdomain sites and 25 sites where you own the URL with the Premium Membership.  If you have been online for any amount of time you will understand that hosting packages can run into the hundreds of dollars as your portfolio of sites grows.  As you develop a web presence, this feature can pay for itself in a short time.

Site Backups

Each site that is hosted at WA is provided with a nightly backup.  Should you make a mistake, get hacked or just need to revert back to a previous version, WA has you covered.  Drop the support team a request and they can restore your site for you.  

Website Monitoring and Security

All sites that are hosted at WA are constantly checked for unwarranted hacking.  There are many people online that take advantage of unprotected sites.  You can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your site is protected by world-class state of the art security practices.

Technical Support

One of the owners of WA has dedicated his focus to Technical Issues.  He has a team that maintains and enhances the member experience almost daily. Many of the issues that members experience are handled by other more experienced members.  There is a wealth of knowledge inside the membership at WA.  Between the expert members and the technical experts that handle the issues that require their expertise, you have a technical support system that is First-Rate.

Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate has its own in-house Affiliate Program.  This program pays each member when new members arrive and join our membership. For Premium members, a $1.00 credit is provided when a Starter Member signs up and completes his or her set-up tasks.  These are simple things, upload a picture and write an introduction on your profile. 

If your Starter Member becomes Premium and takes advantage of all that WA has to offer, a commission is paid to the member that brought the new member to WA.  If there is a time delay and your Starter Member chooses to remain a free member but eventually upgrades, the commission is still paid out to the original member.  If you are still a Starter Member, the commission is lower but is still paid.  Bring three members to the fold and your Premium Membership is free.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is a special opportunity for those members that participate within the Wealthy Affiliate system.  Create tutorials that provide the membership with value and these tutorials will pay you back.  If your participation is deemed sufficient, you may even receive an invitation to a private meeting with some of the most effective online marketers around.  This is a life changing experience.

Membership Levels


Starter Membership- 

Absolutely No Charge Ever- No Credit Card Required

  • Two Free Websites
  • Getting Started Classroom
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Course #1
  • Additional Training
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Community
  • Your own Personal Blogging Space
  • WA Affiliate and Sharing Programs

Sign-up for the Starter Membership here


Premium Membership

WA PremiumIn addition to all of the resources available with the Starter Membership, Premium Members get these valuable enhancements.

  • 25 Free Websites
  • 25 Sites where you own the Domain.  Free Hosting.
  • 12 Additional Classrooms
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses
  • Private Messaging
  • Premium Tutorials
  • Premium Video Training
  • High Speed Hosting for up to 50 sites(25 free and 25 on your own domain)
  • 24/7 Hosting Support
  • Website monitoring and protection
  • Ambassador Program
  • Lifetime Updates

Many more tools are available all designed to help members become more efficient with their campaigns and the time required to present your ideas to your audience.

The Training is Always Current

If you have been around the internet for any time at all, you will see that it is constantly changing.  Google releases their Panda and Penguin updates almost constantly to give you a better search experience, Wealthy Affiliate has their fingers on the pulse and constantly updates their curriculum to meet the current changes and to make sure that its members have the latest and greatest information on how to rank and how to succeed.

Check out the Free Starter Membership, stay if you find it as exciting as I do…upgrade when and if you are ready to take it to the next level. If you decide to look at the other shiny objects out there… You can, of course, come back at any time when you have looked at them and found them lacking. 

I guarantee that what you will find at WA exceeds the value of anything else you might come across.

Final Word and a Special Bonus for Taking Action

Over all, this is the most fantastic experience I have had in a very long time. I recommend this Membership highly.

Click Here to Start Your Free Starter Membership

Join Button As a Premium Member I am an active participant at Wealthy Affiliate.  When you have completed your sign up for the Free Starter Membership, I will send you a welcome message that details the Valuable Bonus that is just waiting for you.  

  • A 59% discount if you choose to join our Premium Membership in the first 7 days.
  • I will help you to get started, answer any questions that you have and point you to training that you have asked for.

If you have questions that I might help with, please ask it below in the comments. If you would like to join me at Wealthy Affiliate, my member name is Labman.  Please Join me at WA.




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