What is Digital Altitude About?

Digital Altitude is the company behind a product offering called Aspire.  I was completely amazed at how closely this product parallels the product offerings from the now-defunct Empower Network. Sadly, I see many offerings showing up for products that have the distinction of being designed like the Empower Network.

What is Digital Altitude about?  It’s about separating you from your money and making the owner filthy rich.  90 days to riches for him, not you.

Digital Altitude Review

Overall Ranking: 2/10

Price: $17, $37, $67, $127, $595, $1997…OMG, WTF

Owners: Michael Force


The underlying product is based on a Pyramid Scheme.  This often is associated with Multi-Level Marketing (MLMs). What these products all have in common is that they only promote themselves as the product.  This means that you will be bringing in other members to the pyramid.  The product you are selling is the same product that you are involved with.  This is an unsustainable model as was discovered by the Empower Network.

Digital Altitude offers high priced products in a system that provides commissions to those that have bought into the system.  He calls these people affiliates although, in a true affiliate system, you are not required to pay to receive commissions. I will elaborate on the membership levels for the Aspire business system a bit further on in this Digital Altitude review.

Who is Digital Altitude Designed For?

Michael Force tells you in his sales video that this system is for the general population.  He says that it’s for moms and dads that what to get ahead, college grads that aren’t earning at their potential, etc.  The list goes on to include just about anyone that is experiencing low earnings and wants to expand their earning potential.

In today’s economy, this includes just about everyone not in the top 2%.

The problem is, this system only works for the top 2% of his people.  The aspire system has a disclaimer as well as the Digital Altitude site that includes many higher ticket items.  These basically say any earnings are not guaranteed, use only funds that you can risk losing and any of the testimonials might not be entirely accurate.  Sounds like he’s covered just about all of his marketing hype.

You can read the disclaimers here:

Overall I’d have to say that this system is for anyone that doesn’t need the money that you may invest in this scam.  If you are expecting to get ahead, look at another option.  This one will leave you wanting.

What is Aspire/Digital Altitude?

As I mentioned above, the Digital Altitude Products are divided into 2 parts.  First, the Aspire Program is the actual Pyramid part of the product. The Aspire system is divided into four parts.

The first level is to get your buy-in and is simply called an Aspire member.  To get you in and to get your billing info you will be offered a $1 deal.  This gets you to provide your information and adds you to the list in the event that you don’t get all warm and fuzzy about the next level.  Getting on the list will get you two calls from your “Coach”.  While he or she may be termed a “Coach” be aware that this is a well-trained closer to get you to buy-in to the next level of the system.

The $1 trial is good for fourteen days after which you will be required to pay $17 per month to belong to the affiliate program.

Aspire Walker- $37/month

When you join at the Aspire Walker level, you can be paid commissions on this single product.  A single level payout of 40%.

This means that you get 40% of anyone that you bring in at the Walker level.  If you need assistance closing the sale, your coach will assist in the closing and they will take 20% of the commission.  So in effect, unless you are a good closer, you commission at this level will be 20%.

You will also get access to the member area and access to the startup training videos.


Digital Altitude Cost: $17 + $37= $54/month

  • One Level Payout
  • 40% commission
  • Startup Video
  • Member area access

Aspire Hiker- $67/month

When you join at the Aspire Hiker level, you can be paid commissions on two levels of product.  A two level payout of 50%.

This means that you get 50% of anyone that you bring in at the Walker level and the Hiker.  If you need assistance closing the sale, your coach will assist in the closing and they will take 20% of the commission.  So in effect, unless you are a good closer, you commission at this level will be 30%.

You will also get access to the member area and access to the startup training videos. A weekly training and coaching calls.

In the sales literature the payouts are listed as 60% and in actuality the payout is 50% for this level.  Seems that there is a disconnect somewhere or, they are just doing shoddy copywriting and are showing their true colors.  Get the Shmoos in under any circumstances.

Digital Altitude Cost: $17 + $67= $84/month

  • 50% Commission
  •  Members Area
  • Start Up Training Videos
  • Weekly Training
  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • Additional Sales Funnels
  • Client For Life Coaches
  • Tools & Resources

Aspire Climber- $127/month

When you join at the Aspire Climber level, you can be paid commissions on all three levels product.  Level payouts of 60%.

This means that you get 60% of anyone that you bring in at the Walker level.  If you need assistance closing the sale, your coach will assist in the closing and they will take 20% of the commission.  So in effect, unless you are a good closer, you commission at this level will be 40%.

You will also get access to the member area and access to the startup training videos and additional training and resources.


Digital Altitude Cost:  $17 + $127= $144/month

  • 60% Commission
  • 3 Tiers of Payout
  •  Members Area
  •  Start Up Training Videos
  • Weekly Training
  • Live Climber Training
  •  Monthly Conference Calls
  • Additional Sales Funnels
  • Sales Assistance
  • Done-For-Solutions
  • Traffic Solutions
  • Client For Life Coaches
  • Tools & Resources

Now the rubber meets the road.  This section covers the products that are high ticket items.  These are where you need to ante up the big bucks.  Of course, with all of these products, you must purchase first before you can promote these.

They are called Memberships although they are just a collection of various training.

Digital Altitude Review Base Level

Digital Altitude Base Membership: $597 One Time

3 Levels 12 Modules

Prepare:  The Basics to get ready to go.  Business Planning etc.  Nothing here that can’t be found for free on the web.

Launch:  Prepare for a launch.  This is straight out of Jeff Walker’s Book available on Amazon for 11 bucks.

Grow: Again, available online for much less, this time from Seth Godin.


Digital Altitude Review- Rise Membershi

Digital Altitude Rise Membership: $1997 One Time

5 Levels and 19 modules

It took all the way to this point to really have a chance at learning what it takes to be a marketer.

So now he talks about finding your customers and creating a persona for them so that you can target them more effectively.

Again, this stuff is available for much less money and although he has a carefully crafted story, the content isn’t worth the price.

Digital Altitude Review - Ascend Product

Digital Altitude Ascend: $9997 One Time

Ascend is a 3 day business retreat for two.

A chance to rub elbows with the DA Elite.

Digital Altitude Review - Peak Product

Digital Altitude Peak Cost: $16,997 One Time

Peak is a 5 Day retreat that discusses your success and how to make it grow.

Digital Altitude Review- Apex Product

Digital Altitude Apex Product: $27,997 One Time

A 7 Day retreat that teaches the art of wealth building.

There is more information about the upper levels of Digital Altitude.  The point though is that these high ticket items are available to separate you from your money and put it into the pockets of the upper echelon of this scam.

What are the Benefits of Digital Altitude?

  • After looking at the sales literature, I realize that Michael Force is a masterful marketer.   So, if you are interested in seeing how to market products, you can certainly learn by observing is tactics.  A pretty expensive education though.

What are the Negatives of Digital Altitude?

  • This product only promotes itself.
  • You have to pay to be an affiliate.
  • You need to purchase a level before you can earn commissions on it.
  • The assigned coaches are not coaches but high-pressure salespeople focused on getting you to the next level.
  • All of the really useful information is only available at the higher membership levels.
  • Coaches that help you close a sale will get a percentage (20%) of your commissions.

Is Digital Altitude a Scam?

I have to give this a Yes.  The Empower Network has taught Michael Force a good lesson.  He learned his craft well but did not pick up any ethics on the way.  Now he is spilling his vitriol to a new generation of scammers.

The Reasons Why I call Digital Altitude a Scam

  • You must Pay to access the Affiliate Program
    • Legitimate Affiliate Programs  do not require you to pay them for access.  They are more than happy to provide you with links in exchange for your promotion of their products.
  • You only get paid for the products that you have purchased.
    • Again, legitimate programs don’ require you to purchase a product to review or promote it.  While it is a good idea to have intimate knowledge of a product, it should not be required to receive a commission.
  • A high price tag for products that are available elsewhere and products that are ripped off from other legitimate sources.

The Biggest Reason

  • There is only one product to promote and that is the Digital Altitude product itself.
    • Legitimate programs teach you how to promote and market any product.  They don’t limit the members to only the one that makes the owner money.

My Verdict:  SCAMRed Thumbs Down



A Better Alternative to Digital Altitude

I thought it might be interesting to compare Wealthy Affiliate (A Program that I recommend Highly) with Digital Altitude.

Wealthy Affiliate

  • Promote any product that you like.  There is an option to promote Wealthy Affiliate but it is not a requirement.
  • Payments handled by Affiliate Networks and PayPal. No fees attached.
  • Full Access to Members area with Free Starter Membership.  Full Access to all training and communications with Premium membership ($49/month)
  • Training to Create your Unique Website.  Training on how to create a funnel system.
  • Training on how to create your own Unique World Class Branding.
  • Two levels of affiliate payouts.  Free Starter members get 1/2 of commissions of Premium members.

Digital Altitude

  • Promote only the Digital Altitude Products
    • In House Merchant and Payroll Service.  Part of the Basic Membership that is $17/month and required.


  • Members Area.  $37/month and $17 Membership fee ($44)
  • Automated websites that are cookie cutter and similar to others promoting this system. (Poor Google Ranking Factors)
  • Done for you Branding Solutions
  • Three Tiers of commissions.  Only get paid if you have purchased the products being promoted.

Wealthy Affiliate focuses on creating a long-term business while Digital Altitude focuses on getting as many people into their program as possible. Wealthy Affiliate teaches legitimate ways to earn consistent income.  DA gives you tactics to scam your members.

I can go on and on but I think I’ve made my point here.  Wealthy Affiliate is an affordable solution for how to create a long-term business that will create a stable,sustainable business for the long run. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is all about educating and helping people to succeed not scamming people out of their money to create wealth for the owners as is the case with DA.

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