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Empower Network Review

Review Author: Craig H

Review Date: March 11, 2013

 Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating : 1/10

Owners: David Wood and David Sharpe

This product professes to get people making money online in a short amount of time.
It sells a product called Viral Blogging that insists that it will get your efforts making huge amounts of money in no time at all with very little work.


There are several levels of up-sells available. A network is provided to help your blogging efforts.


The Empower Network has marketing down to a science.  They have a very slick presentation that makes this product seem useful.


  • This program is a classic scam.  There is no real product.  You are promoting this system to others who promote this system.  You earn money from the downline as with any MLM except that there is no real product.
  • This network has been banned by PayPal so the only way to get paid is to join their private pay network at an additional cost of $19/month.
  • The company is based in Costa Rica to get around the US laws regarding multi-level marketing systems.
  • The claims that the systems pays out 100% only applies to 1 in 5 of the sales so actually the payout is much lower than advertised.

 A Classic Pyramid Scheme

The Empower Network is a membership site that is designed to get people online and blogging in a few minutes.  They provide a network for blogging that is supposed to get people gaining followers and spreading their influence in a short period of time.  In reality this is a MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) scheme.  This is sometimes known as a Pyramid Scheme where the people at the top of the pyramid are the people that earn.  These people are supported by the thousands of people at the bottom of the pile.

The authors of this product have copyrighting down to a science. They have very compelling copy that will draw you in and get you to sign on with them.They provide a product that does get you started with an online money making scheme.

Nothing in Life is Free

For a fee, the authors will take you under their wing and provide you with additional training levels.  This is cloaked in marketing speak that tells you this is what you need to do to take your sales levels to the next layer.

In the initial presentation, Dave tells you that what you are doing is all wrong.  Then he tells you that content is the way to go.  Relevant content?  No he makes no claims at that.  In fact many of the EN affiliates are more focused on getting traffic of any kind as to directing quality content to their sites. He also tells you that he struggled to get a blog online and makes it seem that you need to be a geek to get online.  Technological advancements have made it so simple you can get a blog online with WordPress in a matter of minutes.

Inflated Claims

The claims are hugely inflated. In their copy they tell you that you get 100% commissions,but there is a small disclaimer that is easy to miss. It works out that you get 100% commission on 20% of the sales. This works out to a pretty standard commission schedule.  If you look at their income disclaimer you see that 91% of the members earn less than $26 per month. That is with a $25/month fee to be a member and the hidden fee of $19.95 to get paid by the network. In effect you are loosing money.

Empower Network Earnings

Additional levels are a significant upsell. By the time you have joined the entire network and gathered all the training they have to offer you will have spent $5100. 00.

The training is available elsewhere for free in many cases. There is nothing life changing here. You still need to do the work and blog daily.

On top of all these issues, Google has devalued the sites containing Empower Network. If Google thinks this is a scam it will be difficult to get your blogs created inside their network to rank.  In fact, PayPal, a reputable money delivery service, has also flagged the Empower Network as someplace that is unreliable.  With two large reputable sites saying that the Empower Network is not reliable, it makes sense to listen.

Red Thumbs DownEmpower Network Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

 Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating Empower Network Rating : 1/10


Verdict:  Do Not Fall for the Hype.  This Network will bring nothing but heartache.

Recommended Program

There is a program that I highly recommend.  Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam Free Zone.

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Stop in, check it out, I’m sure you will be glad you did.

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