The Best Internet Marketing CourseAre you tired of all the scams online, you want some internet training but don’t have a lot of money to spend. Just looking around briefly, I bet you can find all sorts of training. Some training is trustworthy, some comes at a hefty price. Some tries to sell you on an idea of riches, and some is up front and straight forward.  I have seen many, taken many, been scammed and bored to tears.  But, what’s the best Internet Marketing Course? How can I determine if my money is best spent on a bunch of tutorials or if I should go to an online school? How do I know if its the best place for me? Let me try to help you find the best place for you.  Let me try to help you find the best fit.  As we all know, one size does not fit all.

How Do You Learn

There are 3 typical styles of learning, 

  • Visual Learning:
    • You learn best by reading or seeing pictures or images.  
    • You remember things by seeing them in pictures.  
    • You can see images in your head.  
    • You like to see what you are learning.
  • Auditory Learning:
    • You learn best by hearing and listening.
    • You remember things that you have heard.
    • You store information by the way it sounds.
    • You learn better by hearing the directions.
    • You often learn by reading out loud.
  • Tactile Learning:
    • You learn best by touching doing.
    • You understand and remember by moving
    • You are a hands-on learner.  You prefer to touch, build or draw.
    • You tend to learn best if there is physical activity involved.
    • You have trouble sitting still and often use hand gestures when you are speaking.

Your learning style may be a mix of these styles.  If you would like to determine how best you learn, you can visit this link and answer the 20 questions.   Learning Style Assessment Questionaire This will help you to determine how you learn most effectively.  Once you know this, you can find a course or set of tutorials that present the material in the most beneficial way for you.

How is the Course Presented?

If you are a visual learner, online courses can be quite effective if they present the material in video tutorials.  For Auditory learners, an embedded MP3 or a Podcast may be more effective.  If you learn by doing as the Tactile learners, you will want something that shows you how and helps you to do it yourself. Each learning style needs a different medium to be presented most effectively.  Ideally, the course should be available in all formats to enable you to choose what works best for you.

Internet Marketing Course ContentWhat is the Content of the Course?

Courses have different design styles and price points but the main topic that needs to be addressed is what is the course about. Can you view the contents of the course and get a feel for what it provides before you ante up with your cold hard cash.  You should always have an idea what it is you are buying before you have to join a subscription service or pay for the course. It makes good business sense for a vendor to put their cards on the table and give you the full scoop.  When you can make an informed decision as to how much you will be getting, what sort of time commitment and how valuable the training will be, you are much more inclined to buy.

Does the Course Meet Your Budget?

 You can get some courses for free, you can pay through the nose for others.  Which ones provide the best value for your money? It depends on several factors how much you want to budget for your learning.  When you connect with places like Udemy, the price of admission can be free, or it can be very expensive.  You can find good training from at both ends of the spectrum.   You might have an employer that will cover the bill, in this case, they may dictate that you get your training from an Accredited Institution and be willing to spend a premium for that Accreditation. In my case, I was looking for a low cost environment that provided high quality training and a community to engage with. I needed to learn everything!  I was starting a new page in my life and taking my life online.  I needed constant nurturing.  I had been in college for 20 years and was tired of sitting in class, taking notes and regurgitating it on a test.  I wanted to learn and internalize Internet Marketing.  I had no need for certification.  I needed knowledge and didn’t want to spend a lot of time with junk training. I found that at Wealthy Affiliate.The budgett doesn’t need to be money.  Time is precious as well.  I have seen lots of training that doesn’t respect your time.  As I was researching a post on  a scam product the other day, I committed 24 minutes to sitting through his entire sales video, that is time I could have been spending on something more important to me.  I thought it was important to know what he shared with his potential audience, so I took the time, but he did not respect my time by dragging that presentation out longer than 5 minutes.

What Sort of Support or Community  Interaction does the Course Have?

SocializeOnline courses are a one way medium.  You get a course, they provide the training.  You may get some limited feedback from the trainers in the form of quizzes or testing but beyond that there isn’t much back and forth. When I took my first online course through Rochester Institute of Technology, it was arranged so that there was good interaction between the students via a private forum, the instructor to student communication was limited.  The course was a creative writing course, so much of the work was completing assignments and submitting them.  Back in the early-internet world, the communication was limited, there was no Google Hangout or Skype.  There was only a dial up connection and a phone.  You couldn’t do both at the same time.  This meant that we would have a phone presentation each week one-way.  Instructor talking to multiple students.  Then we would receive emails with the assignments.  Submissions were by email.  Very unreliable email. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, the world is different. Part of the change is due to the advance in technology and part of the change is due to the vision of the owners. While the training at Wealthy Affiliate is well done, these courses are also enabled to get feedback from other members. Each member gets their own place to ask questions or interact on a personal blog space and there is live chat running at all times.  Members use the chat to ask questions and clarify the training, identify additional training that they aren’t aware of and sometimes just decompress.  This community enhances the training by allowing people to interact. Internet Marketing can be a lonely endeavor.  Having a community for support and camaraderie makes a big difference not only for your sanity but enhances your abilities and reduces the learning curve.

 How do the various Training Sites Compare?

 I picked one of the highest ranking sites to compare the training and features that are available.  Udemy an online training clearinghouse and Wealthy Affiliate.  While Udemy has training on a variety of topics, Wealthy Affiliate focuses on Affiliate Marketing and Online Business Creation.  But they do this well!

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