Jaaxy Home PageFeedback is important! Without feedback you have no idea if your efforts are being spent in a profitable manner.  Site rank is one of those things that people wonder about. You are probably wondering where do I rank? The Jaaxy site rank tool will show you in no uncertain terms where you rank in the first 20 pages of the Search Engines.

What is Jaaxy?

In its purest form, Jaaxy is a keyword search tool.  But that is not all that it does.  Lets look at the features you find in Jaaxy.

  • First Jaaxy Provides monthly and estimated Search Volumes for your term and others similar to the root keyword.
  •  Then you get a report of the Quoted Search Results (QSR) this is the amount of competition for the term you are searching.
  •  Next the KQI provides you an indicator that tells you if the term is readily rankable in the search engines.
  •  Finally the main window provides a SEO ranking value.  This tells you on a scale of 0-100 how easy a term will be to rank.  I use 75 as the absolute lowest value, this seems to be consistent with the KQI indicator.
  •  Those are just the Keyword Search page


Would you like to know where you rank for a specific Keyword?

Click on the Site Rank button on the top-menu.  This will take you to a place where you can enter the keyword that you think you are ranking for and the URL that you are interested in ranking. As you can see in the example, I chose a term from my site and entered the site into the URL box.  Jaaxy finds this position to be Page 1 Rank 1 for my term.  Great deal.

Can I do this for any site?

One nice feature of Jaaxy is that this is available for any site.  You just need to know what term the site is targeting and you can enter it to see where the site is ranking.  This is limited to the first 20 pages of results.  So if your site is ranking for the term in the first 200 results you will get an output of where the site is ranked.  If it is outside this window, you don’t really care where it is because no one will see it anyway.

Competition Analysis

Jaaxy also has a feature in the Keyword search that will tell you what terms a site is ranking.  This is handy for identifying what your competition is targeting for their search terms.  You can then decide to go head to head with them for their terms or you can search those terms and find the terms that will be easier to rank. Instead of putting in the keyword, you enter the site name that you would like to know about.  Then in the search box, open the drop down and select URL instead of Keyword.This will provide you with a list of the keywords found on that site and the relative power of the keywords.  Save the list and search each keyword to find “low hanging fruit” keywords that are easy to rank and are relevant to your competition’s keywords.

Give Jaaxy a try


Feel free to post a comment if you would like more information on Jaaxy or Keyword Tools in general.

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