This is a brief tutorial that walks you through a login.  Once you have logged in to your site, you can begin to make changes.  Often many of the beginner lessons neglect to tell you how to get in.  Without this vital piece of information, it’s difficult to get started.

Show Notes

The demo site that was used for this training can be found at

this is a demonstration site and has not been optimized for SEO or keywords.

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Video Text

Good Day folks.

Today like to show you how to log into your WordPress site. For this demonstration, I created a site called the  This is created using free tool and if you’d like one, you can go to my site at and sign up for your own free site.

In order to log into the site, you type in your URL, whatever that may be, hit/wp-admin.  This stands for WordPress administration and It will take you directly to your login screen. Should you also have the meta-widget still installed on your site (since this is a fresh install it still installed) you can login from the meta. Both take you to the same place where you will enter your username and the password.  These were determined when you created your site.

Once you login it will take you to your site dashboard.  We will discuss the site dashboard in the next lesson.

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