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If you have been unemployed for awhile, you are probably looking at working from home opportunities.  The job market is picking up in many states in the US but there are still high rates of unemployment.  One statistic that isn’t even tracked is the number of people that have fallen off the unemployment rolls.  The people that are in this predicament need to find a way to work for themselves.  Working from home is a great place to start.


There are several places that you can go where people will pay you to do piecework for them.  This means that each piece of work that you produce you will get some pay.  These are typically low paying jobs and you will need to establish a track record with the site to get the choice jobs.  This is called freelancing.  It is an established way to make a living online.  Finding the right opportunities can be daunting though.


If you are a writer, many possibilities open up.  The two big players in this market are Odesk and Elance.  There are also some smaller players,  Guru.com and Freelancer fall under this category.


Odesk is arranged to take a small cut of your hourly or job pay and provide the lion’s share to your worker.  The person doing your job logs in and there are screen shots taken a various intervals so you can monitor the work that is being done for you.  Overall the quality of this service is top rate.  You will want to take some time up front and evaluate the previous jobs that people have done to make sure you get someone capable of completing your task for you.


Elance is another possible place to find employment online.  However, you will be competing with a large pool of competent people.  If you are looking for cheap labor to do something for you, in other words, you are looking for outsourcing. Elance is the place to go.  If you are looking for work and live in the US, you will find the competition for the jobs that are available quite frustrating.  The workers from India and the Philippines will do the jobs for lower prices than you can afford to work.


Freelancer is another site that provides a connection for people with skills and people needing work done.  Most of the time, things progress without issue but there are occasions where fees have been taken out without approval, additional surcharges have been levied and generally the interface appears to be scammy.  If you have a choice, I would use the other services first before Freelancer.

Looking for Freelance work on the internet is one way to make ends meet.  You must be willing to work.  There is no free lunch here. I have found that working for yourself is a nice way to pay the bills but you must be careful about where you spend your time.

Affiliate Marketing

I use Freelancing to fill in the gaps in my income while I develop my online presence as an affiliate marketer.  Much of what I do as a freelancer is actually for others that are doing affiliate marketing.  They need content, I provide it.  When I’m done with their paying work, I add content to my own sites and develop my own online assets.

Everything I have learned about affiliate marketing has been provided by Wealthy Affiliates.  This is an online training facility that teaches affiliate marketing from the ground up.  So if you are looking for an opportunity where you can work from home I highly recommend creating your own online empire with this business model.

Let me know in the comments how you liked this article.  Can I help you to get started?If there were no limits to your life, what is it that you would want to be doing.

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